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Mommas’ Day

I love this photo. It was taken at Agribition in the 80s and something freaked me out (probably a rabid goat or something) and I jumped into my momma’s arms. I just couldn’t deal, so she scooped me up, comforted me and kept me safe. She’s still doing this for me. Hopping on a plane […]

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I Can’t

I don’t really write anymore, which is lame. Writing is a good way for me to set my brain free, process my thoughts and unpack my feelings. Without an outlet, it’s all left swirling in my mind and oozing out of my ears at inopportune moments. If I had been writing more regularly, here are […]

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Everything Old Is New Again

I don’t want to jinx it, but I have really just been enjoying my kids lately. That sounds bad, and implies that I don’t usually enjoy them, which isn’t true. But for the last eight years, the moments of enjoyment have often been outweighed by sisterly fighting, tantrums, and general grumpiness. I often felt knocked […]

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