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Everything Old Is New Again

I don’t want to jinx it, but I have really just been enjoying my kids lately. That sounds bad, and implies that I don’t usually enjoy them, which isn’t true. But for the last eight years, the moments of enjoyment have often been outweighed by sisterly fighting, tantrums, and general grumpiness. I often felt knocked […]

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Quit It

Steve quit his job last week. A job he loved, was amazing at, and had so many great things about it. But it was also a job that was stressful, time-consuming and hard to manage with his already full load of responsibilities as a farmer, father, property manager, husband. Anyone who knows us in real […]

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Birdy Squash

A couple years ago we ventured to a nearby fruit stand for all three girls to pick out a pumpkin for Halloween. Brin was two and did not want a pumpkin, instead she insisted on a weird, goosenecked gourd and she called it her Birdy and slept with it in her crib. Weird kid. This […]

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