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90 Km, Yes!

I said yes. They asked if I would ride my bike 90 km on their team and before I had even sat perched on a road bike, I said yes. I said yes. Steve asked if I wanted to go for a bike ride with the family and try out my new road bike and […]

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We Are Going Camping. Again.

When Steve tried to teach me how to downhill ski he took me to the top of a challenging intermediate blue run and as I stood with the tips of my skis hanging over the cliff, I said, “THIS IS TOO HARD FOR ME! I AM A BEGINNER! WHY DID YOU BRING ME HERE?!” and […]

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Crappy Hamper. I Mean, Happy Camper.

I am not a camper. Growing up, our family holidays consisted of short day trips to local attractions where my brother and I would fight and my mom would lock herself in a bathroom at TGIFriday’s and cry. And we stayed in hotels because THAT’S WHAT PEOPLE DO. Anyhoozers. We have wanted to try camping […]

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Plan To Fail

I’m kind of a free-style girl. I have never been great at orchestrating structure in the home for our girls and usually just kind of take the days as they come. I have to be flexible with the nature of my career so we all just have to go with the flow. The thing is, […]

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Giant’s Head Run Recap

It’s become an annual tradition for our family to take part in the Giant’s Head Run, a 5.4 km race that weaves through Summerland, as part of the Action Fest festivities. ┬áMy dad drove from the prairies for two whole days just so he could come and kick ALL OF THE BUTTS. He is 60 […]

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