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Where Have You Been All My Life?

My second attempt at holiday baking was a smash hit! I made…wait for it…Chocolate Covered Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls.

Mercy. They are tiny orbs of divinity.

First you whip up a batch of safe-to-eat cookie dough (made without eggs so you won’t get worms) and roll it into tiny little balls.


Then you put those balls in the fridge for a couple hours to chill. Once they’re nice and firm, melt a pot of chocolate (with a few tablespoons of shortening to smooth it out) and dip, dip away!


They look like homemade truffles and they taste even better. Really, whose favourite part of baking cookies isn’t eating the dough?

And here’s a little something to make you smile.



Untitled from Amanda on Vimeo.


  • My heart is weeping for the cuteness! Can’t wait to see you!

  • Chocolate chip cookie dough is the fifth food group, as far as I’m concerned.

    Avelyn in the snowsuit was right out of ‘A Christmas Story!’ Classic!!

  • ohhhhh those look SO GOOD!!

  • Okay….I am totally making those! Yummy! Avelyn looks adorable as always!

  • Avelyn is SO CUTE I can hardly stand it!!!! That snowsuit!!! Thanks, Amanda, I just died :P

  • Those look de-flippin’-licious! And little Avelyn, sweeter than all the chocolate covered dough balls one could eat in their entire life.

  • I. Cannot. Stop. Laughing.


    I’m totally swinging by after church tomorrow for one of those cookies :)

  • those look so yummy! so so yummy. if it wasn’t 11:30pm and if we weren’t in the middle of packing and moving…i would totally be making those right now!

    Avelyn is too funny. Love that video.

  • Pure genius. My thighs hate you, but my stomach loves you forever.

  • I don’t know, even dipped in yummy chocolate, raw dough doesn’t turn my crank…by on the other hand, the Michelin baby melts my heart!

  • Hi, delurking. Just read a ton on your blog. I have come here every once in a while and never said hi…getting braver by the day:)
    So, hi!
    Your daughter is beautiful and funny, and where you live… I am jealous!
    I must say I was in with you on loving that little pink kithcen—-a lot of posts back, and we also had the smaller knock off set at our local costco, for around $140.00, but the qualitly wasn’t that great and we ended up getting a set from toy’s r us.
    Anyway…those chocolate balls look amazing, where would I find the recipe for that?
    Love your blog, will be back for sure!

  • Yummy! Avelyn is adorable!

  • wow, finally a toddler taming device that works! And by the way, how the heck do you prevent Avelyn from totally destroying your Christmas tree? I have to confess that we don’t have ours up yet this year, I can’t face the struggle.

  • I just showed Jordan your post. He bursted out laughing and said “Of course Amanda would make those!”

  • hee hee hee that is SO wonderful!

    I’m sorry I lied on my last comment and said that I was going to post recipes … my conscience got the better of me and I didn’t copy my cookbooks online. Hopefully I’ll find something that is legal to share … soon.

  • Oh my goodness, she is so cute. I am still thinking back to Tumble Time last week, she is so adorable. You have to bring your camera to tape her jumping on the Trampoline.

  • Oh she’s so precious! I especially love the mischievous little “Bye”. What’s the name of the song/artist you have playing in the background?

  • my mom used to make chocolate covered peanut butter balls, and them roll them in nuts. I might have to go and make a special request after seeing those!

  • I am absolutely making those this week. Oh. My. Goodness.

  • That video had me cracking up! My favorite part was the swishswishshish noise as she was walking. (Why is it funny when a toddler does that, not when it’s my own legs?)

  • Woman, you’re going to make me fat if you keep posting these delicious looking things. I made the bliss bars (see blog). You were right about them.

  • I have 4 things (In order of immportance):
    1) Avelyn is soooo adorable. Absolutely beautiful.
    2) I LOVE her name. It’s unique, yet not so different that no one would know how to say it or spell it. Love.
    3) Chocolate covered cookie dough balls? Delightful.
    4) What is the song in the background of the video? I am all about songs, and that seems like a good one :-)

    That completes my list for today. Thank you and have a nice day.

  • AMANDA! i couldn’t just say hello on kelly’s site and not yours!! i do not have a blogspot or whatever this little nifty forum is. i’m a xanga girl. but thanks to some recent changes, you can also view and comment on xanga without a membership! so, i welcome you over there whenever you’d like.

    i’d also like to add that i could not love the idea of these cookie dough balls (said BAWLS where i am from) ANY MORE. i must do this as soon as possible. tonite perhaps?????????

  • omg. Why would you do that to that POOR SWEET INNOCENT CHILD??!?!?! Goodness… You send her down here to us in Virginia, tell her we’ll dress her up all pretty… No more puffy snowsuit!!

  • Can I have one?

  • You MUST post the recipe for those cookie dough balls!!! You can’t leave us all drooly without knowing exactly how to make them!! Especially being pregnant and craving! haha
    Where’s the snow that justifies the snowsuit? lol I notice your green grass… :P

  • How do you do that and stay so thin???

  • can i blame YOU when i don’t fit into my clothing anymore?!??!

    must. have. cookie. dough. balls.

  • Your cookie balls (heh) just reminded me I bought almond roca! today. Christmas-time is to sweets like kerrianne is to compulsive paper purchasing. ; )

  • I am going to make these for my Christmas party!! Thanks for the idea! Poor Avelyn in her snowsuit, it seems like cruel and unusual punishment(but so adorable) for the little gaffer. She can’t even stand on her own!

  • I am so trying that recipe! Thanks for posting the pics :)

  • That is the cutest video I have ever seen. Those cookies dough balls look sweet too.

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