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After calling every insurance company I could find and sadly discovering that no one will insure a pregnant woman who is within nine weeks of her due date, I cancelled my BlogHer registration yesterday.
I had a good little sob about it. I have been so excited about it for so long and it’s such a disappointment to have to say, once again, “Maybe next year?” Makes me feel like a chubby girl trying out for the cheer-leading squad.

I am thankful that I found out about the insurance exclusion now and not in June as a last-minute thing when I’m already planning my wardrobe for the conference. I’m pretty sure I would have been even more crushed then.

Still, all I have to say is “BOO!”

I think I should file a class action lawsuit against every insurance company since they are so discriminative. They should look at a woman’s pregnancy history and see that this woman, in her previous pregnancy, was overdue and had a 40 hours labour. Chances are I’m not going to give birth at 34 weeks, and even if I did go into labour I’d have enough time to walk back to Canada before the baby began crowning.


  • Ha!

    I would even be a witness to testify about your labour experience. I may be biased though because YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE MY ROOMMATE.


    See you in a bit :)

  • Oh, Amanda, I am so sorry. I know you must be so disappointed. You would have brought so much life to the convention…perhaps you can get a webcam and be there via the miracle of the internet? Thinking of you.

  • I’m really sorry to hear that. I was looking forward to meeting you!

  • That sucks. Stupid insurance red tape!

  • I’m so sorry :( I was hoping that BlogHer would be in Seattle this year. That would have been way better for the Canadian contingency.

    The good thing is… new baby will make the year fly by FAST. BlogHer 09 will be here before you know it.

  • WAAAAAAAH. I’m crushed.

  • Lame. I’m sorry that you won’t get to make it. Happy pregnancy, all the same.

  • Bummer!
    Maybe this is a sign of some kind and you’ll actually go into labour early or on time this time around?

  • boo, indeed!

  • I’m so bummed for you too and I was thrilled about meeting you.

    Next year though, next year.

  • Ok Amanda

    So it looks like i’m going against the grain here, but I REALLY think you should STILL GO to the conference!
    Only a few short years ago, there was no such thing as being insured for a trip. Yes, you would be taking a chance, but it’s a chance and a small one at that. Since is is highly unlikely, that u will go into labour. and the chance of u entering a hospital is quite small.

    GO FOR IT! Enjoy this weekend you’ve so been looking forward to!

    I realize here that Steve may not be in full support of this message, however STEVE: LET YOUR WOMAN GO ON HER DREAM TRIP!

    There’s my 2 cents. Kaile

  • BOO is right! One more reason to loathe insurance companies.

  • I’m engaged in The Colossal Pouting. But aha! this just means that I get to trek Northward at some point. Huzzah!

  • Come on down to Seattle that weekend, we’ll have our own mini BlogHer convention.

    Really though, so sorry you don’t get to go this year.

  • So sorry about your trip but had to delurk to laugh/comment about walking back to Canada. I was in labor for 22 hours until the baby was getting distressed and had to go for the c-section after all. One day, I was watching hockey and yelling at one of my players to skate faster. I commented that I could give birth quicker than he could skate. My husband said something like “honey you were really slow at getting a kid out” and I was all “DUH”.

    I almost flew home to Alabama at 36 weeks with my doctors approval. Good thing, I chickened out because that is when they had planned my SURPRISE baby shower. Which I despise surprise baby showers.

    My goodness, I’m on it tonight. Again so sorry about your trip.

  • I agree with Kaile…The chances are slim, and not really putting baby in danger but rather your life savings.

    Although you have been responsible (not something that comes naturally to me) and decided to not go, its sad.

    News like this is worthy of a cupcake or two or three…Enjoy!

  • That’s too bad…If only there was some way…

  • 40 hours? Ouch! My first one was 6 hours and my 2nd one was 2 hours.

  • I laughed when I read Kaile’s input! Only because it was so close to home. Hailey was due on & around Dec. 9th. she was born on Dec. 10 & I went Christmas shopping with Laura Harris to Wenatchee on Nov. 20th. for the weekend. Whoever heard of or thought of health insurance?? Sure twasn’t me. But I did sweat bullets the whole weekend if true be known, hoping & praying that baby wasn’t ready to make an early appearance. Did make for some great power shopping though!!!!
    You’ll make the right decision, just go with your (common sense) gut!

  • That sucks! Let’s both plan to be there next year, m’kay? ;)

  • That sucks!

  • p.s. I think we should hold a BlogHer conference HERE! It’s gorgeous, there are already a bunch of us.
    Everyone can come to us!

  • I hope you get to make it out there Amanda. Ive been reading your blog for a bit, and you are a great writer, you crack me up!

  • oooh stupid insurance. Im’ so sorry you can’t go. Want to come to RI instead? I’d love to meet you! :)

  • I understand your disappointment. I am due in August, the week we usually go to the beach and I am so bummed that we may not get our beach trip in this year.

  • Ahhh Amanda. I know you are seriously having the blues now. That is so disappointing, I know how desperately you were saving to make this happen. Just look at the bright side…me and you…me and you…2009. We will make it happen girl and our two worlds will finally collide in one fantasmic collision. Maybe we will be speakers that year with our throngs of followers….PanFire and CakeIce united!

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