My Girl

Cheddar Denied

“This growth spurt has served me well.  I can reach things off the counter tops now.  Like this huge brick of cheese.”


“Back off.  It’s mine.  You already had your brick today.  Don’t think I don’t know what you’re doing when I’m napping.”


“I hate you.  Cheese stealer.  I am going to wake up six times tonight to get you back for this.”



  • funny because what’s hanging out of my mouth as I’m typing this? a huge slab of cheese. and I’m not sharing.

  • Ohh yes! Cheese!

  • Haha! Nice!

  • Mmmm…Cheese! Would she like any crackers with that cheese?!?! Those pictures are so cute!

  • Did she get a little piece of cheese? That last face is oh so familiar! Thwarted and unhappy!! Mmmmmm cheese…

  • Now that is whine and cheese!

  • she looks completely devastated to have lost the cheese. that face is priceless!

  • Got to love the growth spurts…

  • I’m going to give her all the cheese she wants when we come to stay with her. I’ll also let her eat only cookies for supper,and ice cream for a snack,and candy for a naptime treat, and she will be so sugar high when you come home(and we leave) that she will always cry for Grandma when you try to get her to eat the way she should.

  • Hehehehe … I only laugh because I know my baby will be doing that way too soon.

  • OMG!!! That is too funny. How can you say no to her?
    She is so precious.

  • Don’t try to take the cheese from the girl, woman. You obviously don’t know what your messing with.

    She is cute, even when she’s angry.

  • Mmmm…cheese…

    Thanks for driving out to the sticks today to see me :)

  • i would probably cry too.. :)

  • They get tall enough to reach the countertops? WHY ISN’T THIS IN THE PARENTING BOOKS?

  • Duuuuude mmmm CHEESE.

  • Oh, you mean, mean mommy, you!

  • I feel the same way when people take my cheese too. Avelyn, cheese is just that precious…you need to fight mommy tooth and nail to hold onto it!

  • I’m so sad for her; I think I’d weep if someone absconded with my cheese. HOW COULD YOU, AMANDA?

  • This really made me laugh. Pictures and captions are priceless. The despair! The injustice! The cruel reality of life without cheese.

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