This Is Me At Eight Weeks, Baby

I think there are two kids in there.


I know that people say you show earlier with the second pregnancy but this is absurd.  The photo doesn’t do it justice, since I’m wearing a black (intended to be slimming) top.  Remember how I said I had only gained a pound?  Well, after last week’s hunger rampage we can round that number up to three.  Plus one more.  Yes, we’re talking four pounds by month two.  I like to tell myself it’s just because I was so skinnneee to start with and my body was like, “Amanda, you’re sooo skinny!  We need you to gain weight.  Because you’re so skinny!”

My boobs have also grown nearly a cup size.  I wish I could say they’ve perked up a little with the growth, but that is sadly not the case.

It is amazing to me just how quickly the body adapts and changes to accommodate something so tiny.  Even if it makes me feel like a blimp.


  • You look great! Congratulations!

    I gained exactly the same amount of weight with both of my pregnancies, but looked MUCH bigger the second time around—that’s just the way it goes :)

  • Okay- you look freaking adorable. I was shwoing early with Aidan also, but not so with Aliah.

  • You still look slim! Twins, now wouldn’t that be something!!!!

  • You look great! I look like that 2.5 years after kid number two!!

  • You still look B-E-A-UTIFUL Amanda. Congratz on #2!

  • love your hair, love your glasses, love your growing belly!

  • From someone who saw you yesterday, I can vouch that you still look SKINNY.

    Stop with the twin talk, or it will happen ;)

  • You look superb!

    Like I told you before, I really popped out early but then things really slowed down. You still look like you are half my size so don’t fret my pet.

    Can you imagine if you had twins? What name goes well with Gershwald?

  • you look awesome! way to go, and not in a gross way,but your boobs look great too :) haha…

  • What Joyce said… ;)

  • You look great and you were skinny to start out so of course that belly is going to pop out faster this time around.

    I would go knock on some wood if you are going to continue to talk about twins out loud–it is bound to happen otherwise.

  • Yay for baby bellies and healthy baby growth.
    You are a hawt preggo mama!

  • You look so cute! I too love the hair and glasses! I think you look just perfect!

  • I’m showing faster this time too and gained about 7 lbs in the first three months – so about the same as you. My weight gain has been pound for pound the same as last time, it’s a bit freaky, but I’m way bigger!

  • I think you look just fantastic.

  • Love belly shots, keep the updates comin’. You look great!

  • I think you look great.

    I had fun browsing your blog. I can’t wait to find out what you’re having. I just had my 6th girl. Yeah, six.

    About that Perrier thing- use it when you make frozen Orange Juice. SO you get your carbonation AND your sweet yummy vitamin C juice all at once.

    OK it doesn’t have to be orange, it can be Grape or Apple, but Orange is good for growing healthy placentas. You’ll be doing that until like week 12.

    Have fun.

  • You are a stunning pregnant two months. And you still manage to look skinny. I am sitting here… (eating a piece of cake)…. not pregnant, and I don’t look that good. You are beautiful.

  • You look great! I too put on more weight at the beginning with babies 2 and 3 but still only ended up gaining 25lbs same as the first one. Are there twins in your family, cuz that would be crazy!!

  • Awww! You look great!

  • i gained more than half my pregnancy weight in the first 14 weeks. and no, i’m NOT kidding ;)

    you look great!

  • de-lurking to say i think you look great!!

    and a late congrats :)

  • I’m currently 24 weeks with #2. I popped out so early I was so embarrassed. But it did slow down. I actually didn’t even gain any weight b/t Halloween and Thanksgiving. I of course I did gain a total of 6 lbs between Thanksgiving and Christmas to make up for that month of no gain. It’s annoying to show earlier, but most likely you will look the same if not smaller than with your first one by the time you are due.

  • I looked the same, but it felt like mostly bloating. Does that help? :)

  • You look wonderful Amanda. When do you have your first ultrasound to get a look at the little bean?

  • You look stunning! I hope I look that good pregnant.

  • I feel you. I looked huge after I got the positive test. Now at 8 months, I long for the days when I was as cute as you. Keep the faith, sister. And exercise helps too. :)

  • I love you. Does that matter. AND you look great. Maybe not as skineee as two months ago but still great. Also still skinier than me. NOT that it matters.

  • I hope I get boobs one day :) haha

  • You look lovely.

  • I wish I looked that skinny. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine.

  • Wow! You look fantastic. With our first, I couldn’t wait to get into maternity clothes and it took 5.5 months. With #2, I believe it was 5 minutes after the + on the pregnancy test showed up!

  • svelte. thats all I have to say.

  • I think Belly Shots are one of my most favourite things in the whole wide world. Hope to see more, you glowy, gorgeous pregnant woman, you.

  • Hey fatty mcfatpants! Kidding. I am sure that you can clearly claim one pound for each boob and you are also starting to fill up on blood and extra fluid….cut yourself some slack. At least you didn’t start out with 15lbs of babyfat clinging desperately to the back of your butt and thighs. You are starting at such an amazing weight and you still look AMAZING!!!! It is scary how quickly you show…like scary. I swear I already look 8 months preggers at 6 months. Dear God…how am I going to look in 3 months? SCARY!

  • You look amazing!! I was hoping you were going to do thia again this pregnancy! I loved it last time!

  • Amanda you look so beautiful… love the hair and glasses.. Brad and I have told many about your blog and you have made many people laugh who don’t even know you! We love it… keep the updates coming? Congrats on baby#two! Brad I were just talking about that skit you guys did in Mexico. I was secretly a tad bit jealous of you and him together, and that you were laughing it up with my man! We were laughing so much about it tonite.. I was such a dork! O well.. I guess I got him in the end!

  • You look fabulous as usual!

  • You look great…congratulations!! You are showing due to UUS Used Uterus Syndrome!!lol Hope you are feeling as good as you look!

  • Aww! You look completely adorable!

  • You look fantastic, Amanda. Don’t fret about your weight.

    What have you told Avelyn?

    I look forward to that story.

  • hi! i’m sorry. i am admitting that i have not been reading. (slap my wrist) i wanna comment on a few things. cough….
    1- i love the hair. adorable.
    2- congrats on being pregnant again! i didn’t know! (i know….i’m sorry)
    3- your daughter pouting over the cheese-withdrawal was TOO funny. i think i may, in fact, like cheese as much as she does.
    4- you look FAR too cute. not fat. be nice to yourself!!!!!!! geez.
    5- i haaaaaaaate sparkling waters of any kinds. GROSS. just don’t. there’s no reason. it just fizzes in your throat and does not have even the SLIGHT sweet taste of coke or pepsi or something. not worth it. i guess i’m not sophisticated, either.
    6- that’s it, i think. yes?

  • Yes. I was in maternity between 10 and 14 weeks with #2/3. I just let myself enjoy it. Kind of. Not so much now…

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