Friends Are Swell, Little O' This


Here’s what I did this weekend:  a little cross-country skiing


a little putting out of the vibe


a little fuzzy hat posing


and a lot of consuming of Cadbury Mini Eggs to counteract any calorie burning I might have accomplished.


  • God, you are SO CUTE in that hat.

  • I love that hat!

  • I have to admit, you make me a little jealous. How it’s possible for anyone to make a hat like that look cute is beyond me. And yet, you do. Beautiful as always Amanda. :)

  • Wish I could have joined you guys. Sigh.

  • that hat is stellar!!

  • Which poor RCMP did you have to wrestle for that hat?

  • Hi Amanda, Im a blog friend of Angellas, and read your blog often, but I think ive told you that
    I just wanted to say, that I dont think Ive ever seen anyone look that great in that big furry hat, you look so chique in it. It actually looks like a picture you’d get out of a Magazine. Trez Cool!

  • you’re HAWT.

  • Where did you get that hat?? I love it! At first because of your pose, I thought you guys were mannequins!

  • I admire you for getting out and skiing! I was so ill until 14 weeks (both pregos) that I could barely go anywhere :(

    I was so excited the other day… my grocery store had CADBURY CREME EGGS in stock already!!

  • now that is impressive!

    If I put on a pair of skis, I expect to go downhill. Something about gravity helping you move works for me.

    Kudos for getting out there! :)

  • Wow! Impressed at the fact you are x-country skiing prego (I was so sick until about 13 weeks I couldn’t imagine) and that you rock that fuzzy hat so well!

    Also, those downhill slopes in the background – so jealous!

  • You so look like your brother (avec lipstick) in that hat. Very cute! Glad you had a fun overnighter!

  • I’ve been known to drive around town to find those two places that sell CADBURY (can’t be Eggies) Mini Eggs this early. I think that is a problem of mine…You look so good, and that hat – AWESOME!

  • Gah you’re gorgeous. Gorgeous!!!

  • Ohhh, those Cadbury Mini Eggs are one of the best parts of Easter!

  • I can’t wait! I’m going this Friday – for a week. Bring on the snow and the cross-country skiing and the chocolate (and the fire place and the boyfriend).

  • You are a very cute and furry skibunny!

  • I love that hat!

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