My Girl

Fridge Kid


Updated to add: No, your eyes do not deceive you. That is a 12 litre jar of mayo sitting next to four pounds of crumbled bacon. I blame Costco.


  • I too have a HELLA large bottle of lemon juice.

    She’s so dang cute.

  • You have bacon next to mayo. I want to live in your house.

  • That’s a great picture. What a goof.

  • is that a huge jay of MAYO???????

  • … hehe … it’s funny looking into other people’s fridges …

  • That’s pretty cute.
    She just needs a cool down time and what better place to do that than somewhere where she can get a snack as well. Kill to birds with one stone. ;)

  • That is one LARGE container of mayo!

    As always, she is ADORABLE.

  • Costco shopper!

  • she is SO.CUTE. your pics always make my day :)

  • mmmm…bacon…

  • Now I want a BLT with extra mayo!

  • The bacon bits caught my eye first…

  • ha! Sounds like homemade Caesar Salad…

  • Oh. My. Goodness, she is perfect.

  • you may want to remind Avelyn that it’s WINTER. Brrrrrrrrrrr!~

  • mmmm…bacon bits.

  • She is SOOOO cute!

  • Cute. Bacon sounds so much fancier in French.

  • so cute!
    it’s funny because my daughter hosanna does the same thing. as soon as i open the fridge, she gets comfy and sits right there. ha!

  • hahaha. isabella likes to sit in the fridge like that too!!

  • Your little girl is just too adorable!

  • My boys live in the fridge. If that was a pic of them, you’d be looking at their backs as they shoveled food directly into their mouthes sans plates or washed hands! And one of them would dive head first into that lovely bag of bacon!

  • Costco is evil… EEEEEEEEEEEEVIL.

    I swear, taking hubby on a grocery trip is bad enough on a normal trip to Walmart. Going to Costco is a whole nother kind of hell, because we come home with exactly a box and a half of useless crap and a bill over 150 bucks.

  • I find Costco can be blamed for much worldly ills. At least where my pants fitting me is concerned. ; ) (My favorite? The ginormous! jars of Jif.)

    (I love this.)

  • i’m soooo confused. i thought canada only had milk in bag thingies. am i wrong or is that really milk in a jug? hmmm

  • that picture’s a keeper!

  • I love this picture!

    Not a Costco shopper for that reason! I come home with way too much of some stuff and NONE of others. I spend a b’zillion $ and still have to go to Safeway.

    MK xo

  • i’m sorry, there was a half dressed kid in the photo…all I saw was bacon..oh sweet bacon…come to me bacon!!!!

  • Avelyn is looking so OLD!!! But still so ADORABLE!

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