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Blogging is such a peculiar thing. I write a semi-deep, introspective and vulnerable post about my insecurities and issues with my body and barely anyone says a word. But when I write about how my feet smell like rotting turd when I wear leather flats, I get 50 commenters who spring to the occasion with words of encouragement. I guess this blog has become more a place of carefree and light ramblings, along with pictures of my baby girl and talk of how huge my belly is. I know that online writing is strange sometimes, but that last post felt really good to get off my chest. To give some thought to something a little deeper than how adorable Avelyn’s pigtails are these days. (Really though, they are beyond cute. They are curly tendrils of delight and I want to eat them.)

In online shopping news, I bought some maternity clothes off of ebay and am obsessively checking our mailbox every day in the hopes of their arrival. It was a lot of 20 items from Old Navy, all new with tags, and I think it’s just what I need to stop feeling like a chubby frump. Most of my maternity clothes from last time are huge on me since I was 15 pounds heavier when I started. And a lot of them are a little worse for wear (mayo stains on the belly are NOT the new black, in case you were wondering) after being stretched to the max and lent out to other pregnant friends. So, I think these new purchases will spice up my wardrobe and inspire me to not completely let myself go this time ’round. Once the clothes arrive, expect an updated belly shot to model the new collection.

The other night we were watching an episode of Lost and Steve bemoaned, while touching his thinning hairline, “If I keep losing my hair at this rate, I’m going to look like John Locke in a couple months!” To which I replied, “Well, you’ll be in good company because if I keep gaining weight at this rate, I’m going to look like Hurley in a couple months!”


Good thing we’re both married already.


  • I saw the body post & loved it ~ but a short little curly haired girl over here required attention before I was able to tell you that your fight sounds like mine. Except for the parts where it fought back for you & you mostly like it some days. I haven’t been at that point in far too long. We’re working on it, but we are no where near done yet.

    Can’t wait to see your pretty new clothes!

  • Haaaahahaha! Locke and Hurley make the best pair. But… you are pregnant, and Hurley is not. So never fear.

    As an aside, ’cause I’m a fanatic, I can’t believe Hugo hasn’t lost more weight, starving and exercising on that island.

  • Haha! That last line is great!

    My husband started going bald at 18, so he’s not that far off.

  • You have no idea how that made me laugh and how much I needed it today… I am in quite the “fowl” mood (I really mean to say something different there). I love LOST :)

  • That is the one thing that amuses me/annoys me about blogging. Talk about something important? No response. Talk about cupcakes? Everyone and their mother wants to comment.

    Maybe when someone shares something so personal, people don’t quite know what to say? Maybe? It’s way easier to tell someone how cute their kids are.

  • I don’t usually post on introspective posts, but what I wanted to say is, yes, I have similar issues with my body. I want to love it but can’t, even now, at the weight I swore I would be happy – I find that I am still longing for something more – something that comes in a smaller size. Maddening, really, and something I have fought with as long as I can remember. Pregnancy was difficult, gaining weight is never looked on happily in my life, even if for a good cause then I would always go off the deep end and gain almost double the recommended amount – if a little is good a whole lot must be better, no?

    Anyway, your post did not go unnoticed but quite possibly your readers did not know how to respond. I, for one, found it special for you to share those thoughts but struggle with the same realizations that loving myself for something other than a number is hard.

    Good luck, and I love your blog for what you share not just the puff pieces.

  • I agree with LVGurl – when something is that personal, especially something I relate so much to, I really don’t know what to say. Throw in that I only know you from your blog and I’m really short for words. Just know you’re not alone in the body struggle. I think it’s just a(n unfortunate) part of being a woman. Rest assured you are gorgeous and adored. I can’t wait for the belly shots:)

  • I very much enjoyed your previous post. And I also recognize (for me anyway) that sometimes you just need to be heard and not have opinions thrown back at you.

    Just because we are silent doesn’t mean we haven’t been stirred.

  • I just started watching the first season of Lost on DVD’s, I love it. You know what I thought last night, all I need is to be lost on an Island for a couple of weeks and then I’d sure get in shape.

    I think most people can identify with your last post at least I can it is a struggle to love or even like your body sometimes. I just polished off two pieces of chocolate cake. I’ve read before about how you like Ranch dressing and I didn’t think anyone could love the stuff more than myself. I think what has kept my weight down is I do not touch the stuff anymore AT ALL or any creamy dressing and my skin stays clearer when I don’t eat the stuff.
    Don’t get down on your body it’s a waste of time.

  • Hahahaha!!! You’re perfect for one another! I’m looking forward to the new clothes photo shoot! I try to stay away from E-Bay, I find it so addicting! Hmmmm…Haven’t been there in a while, maybe I should go take a look!

  • Ha Ha!!

  • Haha nice!

  • Hi. I love the lost humor. :)
    About the subject of your posts, I don’t think you can judge the impact of a blog entry based on comments. I agree with others that it’s easier to give advice about stinky shoes or comment on how adorable your daughter is than to comment on such a beautifully written, deep post about their relationship with their body (or any other deeper meaning post). Sometimes there are no words to accompany such entries. They are still very much appreciated.

  • It is hard to know what to say to such a personal post about your body. I thought you captured the emotions brilliantly, and put to words what I often feel.

    I am currently pregnant, (due today!) and I know what you mean about feeling all bloated and fat and unattractive. You are not, though. You are adorable, and those Old Navy clothes are just what the Dr. ordered. Old Navy clothes have gotten me through this pregnancy, and rescued my self image from the toilet. May they do the same for you. And good for you for being 15 pound lighter to start with! That’s a great accomplishment!

  • Hey Amanda – I’m going to echo what a few of the others said. I typed one or two sentences of comment on your last post about the body and then exited out of the screen. I wanted to say something but I didn’t know what. I really have never struggled with body image issues, luckily, so never know what words would be appropriate after a blog like yours. I did want to say something along the lines of “I hope you find that peace with yourself” but the rest of the words just weren’t coming out.

    Blogging is a strange strange thing.

    I hope your new swack of maternity clothes makes you feel like a million bucks, because that is how you look. And yes, I’m coming on to you.

  • It really IS hilarious how the most random of posts will get people to pipe up.

    I love Old Navy maternity stuff; I wore their tank tops throught my last pregnancy, afterwards, and now again with this pregnancy. Looking forward to the fashion show! :)

  • Ha! My hair rivaled Hurley’s when I was in Mexico ;)

    Looking forward to seeing the new clothes too. Want me to take the photos for you? :)

  • Or maybe you should put Christy’s mad skills to work before she skips town :)

  • i totally hear you. i think i wrote a blog saying that my readers must want me to be shallow because i never get comments on my deep thoughts……..only on my reviews of movies and silly things. ah well. i read it and i couldn’t agree more. we are our own worst critic, too.

  • It’s difficult to comment on something that’s so deeply personal. I know you through your blog – I don’t know you in real life. It feels almost awkward commenting on something that’s so personal to you.
    That being said, I thought your post was beautiful. It’s really difficult, as a woman, to love your body. There’s such an emphasis put on how we look, how thin we are, etc. that it’s hard to keep our sense of self-worth and our image separate. Whenever I read a post like yours I feel a bit better about my own insecurities. We’re all in this together, yada yada yada :)

  • It’s true. While I read your post yesterday…I didn’t comment. i just noddded my head said an AMEN and clicked away. The thing is…for me it hits close to home. Except I am still struggling with my body 18 months after Lauren. My body is like that, and I know it. It doesn’t help that I am about knee high to a grasshopper. It ALL shows. And I long to be in my pre pregnancy clothes. And to not think about it every time I get dresses, or go shopping for anything, or every time I pass a mirror. (see, this is why I didn’t comment yesterday…I’m going on and on and on)
    So you see, I totally understand. I wish I had enjoyed my pregnancies more and not worried so much about the weight because in the end, the body is going to do whatever it’s going to do. I wish I had given into all my cravings rather than save a calorie. The only difference it would have made would have been that I could focus more on me and baby rather than stressing about weight gain all the time like I did. Your letter yesterday was absolutely perfect.
    And how funny are you? You looking like Hurley. You crack me up!

  • This was a great post. I’ve felt the same about a lot of mine, when my posts seem a bit too serious or a touch controversial, I get only a couple of comments. But the post where I pasted pictures of my arse in various denim received the highest number of comments I’d had … evah!!! What I won’t do for comments!

    Your blog is great – you’re a great writer and funny to boot.

    I came via Whoorl, to find another Canadian ;).

  • I too read your previous post and maybe it hit close to home? You know I’m a sporadic commenter (but a faithful reader, you know I love you, girlie!) but you’re hilarious because you’re honest (who else would joke about hemorrhoids?). And with that sometimes there’s introspective moments. I appreciated your letter to your body, especially as me and my body have been coming to a bit of a truce lately…well, we’re getting there. :)

  • Love your website – don’t be disheartened by the lack of responses to deep stuff. Sometimes I run across a post that is so thought-provoking and deep, but I can’t really think of anything to reply – sometimes the author does a pretty good job of covering the bases and if I agree – well what’s there to say?

    I think that’s a good thing.

  • Well, I look at your blog daily (and have noticed that you aren’t posting daily anymore – but hey you’re pregnant and I get that). I just don’t comment often because you have so many comments, I feel like my tiny squeak will be lost in the sea of voices.
    Besides you’re such a funny lady that any comment I could make would just fall flat.
    But I’m here. Readin’. Prayin’. Laughin’. Well-wishin’.

  • i missed the post…so you can’t yell at me (ha)…but i, too, find it sooo bizarre what people will comment on and what people won’t.

    now Locke and Hurley…certainly something to comment about! hahah!

    off to read your other post now!

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