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A Smoker’s Laugh Makes It All OK

There are still many problems in the world that need solving, but when I hear the sound of my girl (who has managed to catch a nasty cough and sounds like she’s been sneaking a pack a day) laughing to her heart’s content, I get the feeling like everything is going to work out. Let’s focus on the positive, shall we?

Untitled from Amanda on Vimeo.


  • Too funny! We can’t wait to get there and see you guys. She’s growing so much!

  • Aww! Poor baby! Hope you guys have a great weekend!

  • I LOVE HER!!!

  • Aww, baby belly laughs make my heart happy.

  • Belly laughs are THE BEST.

    I love her. I love you, too.


  • Very cute! I love that real kid giggle. It warms the heart.

  • Camille loooooves the video. We have watched it three times and if she had her way it would be on repeat for the whole afternoon!

    We probably gave her the cough – so sorry!!!!

  • So you are saying I shouldn’t be sending her any more Marlboro Lights in the mail any more. You caught on to us!

  • Hope she keeps that belly laugh forever!

  • Okay. So a disclaimer is necessary: I am not a creepo.
    That being said, I do not know you, but have spent the good part of an hour reading your blog. You write wonderfully and I have been thoroughly enjoying myself.
    I am friends with chris and vicky falk (I went to capernwray with chris), and I *cough* occasionally find myself drawn to complete strangers blogs to blissfully pass time when writing report cards seems too daunting.
    I just wanted you to know you write a mean (and that’s like when the cool kids say “bad” and they really mean “good,” you know?) blog.
    seriously. I’m a normal, friendly, safe, person.

  • shes wicked cute!

  • oh my heavenly days, she’s DELICIOUS!

  • Adorable! Avelyn’s so precious!

  • So cute! Just catching up on your blog. We moved last
    week and I just read about your Whole Foods shopping experience. I moved from a big city that had a few Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s as well as a Wegmans and
    I am so, so missing it! There is nothing where we moved to and I am so depressed now! Most of the organic items
    in the other grocery stores are more than what you pay
    for in Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and Wegmans. Oh, and
    no Starbucks around here either! I am so upset. Ready
    to move back! Okay now, I’ll shut up about the shopping.

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