My Girl, Pregnancy

Nicely Done.

Wow.  It’s nice to see I’m not the only woman out there obsessed with baby names.   Thanks for playing along and bringing forth so many great suggestions.  There are many to sift through and my bump thanks you for helping with the possibilities.


(21 weeks and loving the sunshine.)

This big sister-to-be is growing a tad reluctant about her new role.  When I was first pregnant I would ask her if she wanted to kiss the baby and she would come up to my tummy and plant a little smooch on it.  Now when I ask her, “Do you want to kiss the baby?”  she runs away, screaming, “Nooo!”  Hopefully not a sign of things to come.



  • Awesome belly profile!
    Looking forward to seeing who’s in there!

  • I love that dress on you :)

  • What a cute baby bump!

    Get used to the swaying back and forth with Avelyn. When I was pregnant with Blake, Ailane would say that she was going to teach him to swim, and the next day, that she was going to drown him.

  • You look beautiful! (And you have such an amazing view off that deck!) Avelyn is in for a big surprise – that’s for sure, but I’m sure she’ll be a great big sister!

  • 21 weeks already! This pregnancy is flying by, for me anyways. I also had Jenaya on my list for girls.

  • Hehehe. When my kids were around 2 years old, they wore a tshirt that said “My Name is No-No”. They just like being contrary.

  • Love the dress!

  • I’m 35 weeks along with my 2nd pregnancy, and the 2nd one does go much faster. I was hoping for another girl, too, but we’re to have a boy, so one of each kid. We have a “short list” of names, Winslow, Orson, Ezra, and Willem. There might be a few more. We’ll have to wait until we meet the Lad.

    My favorite girl’s name is Lydia…. so add that to your list, if you’re so inclined. I won’t be needing it.

  • I’m about a week behind you, and my 2 year old son is still willing to kiss the baby bump. And poke my belly button.

    But if we ask, “Are you going to have a baby sister?” he shrieks “NO! I NOT having baby sister!”

  • O.k. Avelyn looks like she’s five years old. She’s adorable and you can see just a glimmer of the attitude you’ve spoken of.

    And you. You are a hot tamale.

  • Micah was very willing to kiss the baby bump and told everyone that he was going to be a big brother but once Isaiah was born he wanted nothing to do with him. Thankfully it only lasted for about a week. Maybe once Avelyn sees the new little one you’ll have the opposite problem and have to watch her like a hawk because she’ll want to play with the new “dolly”. :)

  • Oh what a beautiful baby bump shot – you look divine. And soon-to-be-sister looks very cute and confident.

  • Avelyn looks all bad ass in that picture! Haha!
    Cute belly shot.

  • You have the face of an angel…no seriously…just glowing…WAIT A MINUTE…is that the sun…you devil woman! You better not steal my girl name…I am totally planning a girl for next pregnancy…Sadie Alexandra or Sadie Alex. I claim it, flag in the ground. All others are free game for you.

  • Love the photo! You are an adorable mama.

    Names … Gemma, Sadie, Gwendolyn.

  • I didn’t comment on the last post, so I thought I’d throw some names in here, lest they get lost amongst the eleventy hundred in the other post :-)

    *Jaylee (Many different spellings available – I knew a little girl with this name, but it was spelled Jalea – I think that looks like Jah-lee-ah)
    *Jaycie/Jacie (like Stacey with a J)
    *Cailin (a GREAT song by Unwritten Law)

    These are my faves. I also love Avelyn. But, you’ve already used that one… so there’s that…

  • Gosh, thats a stunning picture of you!

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