• Awww, hard to believe this is the same child that you wrote about earlier. They are certainly angel/devil children at this age, aren’t they?

  • She is just SO photogenic! She gets it from her Momma.

  • So cute!

  • Hey. Can you do my hair like that? because it is SUPAH cute.

  • Very cute.

  • I take it back – she’s all Steve! Cuteness. :)

  • This could not be the same child you were talking about! This child looks like an angel:)

  • Hi! Wandered over from Angella’s blog. What a cutie you have there!!! Love her big smile!

  • Love it! Looks like you guys had fun with Angella’s gang today!

  • Aww, I love the little ponytails!

  • SO. CUTE.

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