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I’ve Got A Fat Suit On And I Can’t Take It Off

Although I have just recently crossed into the Land o’ the Second Trimester it feels as though I’ve set up camp in the Uncomfortable Desert of the Third.  My belly is already getting in the way of everything.  When I bend down to pick up Avelyn’s toys off the floor, I have to hoist my gut up in one hand to make room to bend at the waist.  I can no longer sit up to get out of bed; it’s time to roll like a bloated log to the edge of the mattress and ease myself out with a grunt for good measure.  We have had quite a bit of company the past few weeks and the little jobs like cooking a big meal or changing some bed sheets have left me worse for wear and feeling like I’ve been hit by a truck (or, as Avelyn would say, “ah f%#k”).  If I am already feeling this way at (not even) six months, how am I going to make it through three more months of increasing discomfort through the sweltering summer?

In other news, I kind of hate my hair.  I think that if I were not pregnant and were feeling like my old, svelte(ish) self I would be digging the cool style and chic cut I’ve got right now.  But with my body growing larger by the hour I feel like having short hair makes me look a little pin-headed, as though my skull is too tiny for my frame.  I need some longer layers of tresses to hide behind.  And so, I am officially growing my hair out.

I am never satisfied.


  • I felt okay this pregnancy until recently when I started waddling again, now I really do feel large. My boss even confirmed it today – I noticed he was looking at my belly so I looked him in the eye and he said “yes, you are huge!”. Oh well. I’m on a countdown…

    and I totally understand you on the hair front, except I really want to cut mine short and I’ve been growing it for so long that I’m trying not to!

  • I think you look amazing. You *always* look beautiful.

    As for the hair, you are lucky enough to carry off both short and long, so you just wear whatever length you feel comfortable in :)

  • Aww, I thought your latest haircut looked really cute! Although I have mine cut pretty similar and it never seems to look right. Mine always flips out in the back!

  • The pregnancy weight gain can be bothersome, I agree. I am 12 weeks along with my third and was so thrilled to be pregnant again I couldn’t wait…but now I am seriously eating everything is site and getting much bigger much earlier than I had planned and am feeling pretty “blah.” I just look kind of heavy, not pregnant yet, but like I’ve been letting myself go. I don’t mean to sound superficial at all, but it’s hard to find the right balance.

    And hair can also be a challenge, I know. I had my hair in a bob with both of my previous pregnancies and now my hair is pretty long, well past my shoulders. I want to keep it long for the ponytail ease, but I am seriously HATING IT right now. I just want to chop it off, but I don’t want to make any emotional decisions (yeah, like there are any other kind during pregnancy).

    From the pictures I’ve seen your hair looks great and so do you!

  • I think it’s a second pregnancy thing, because I too felt gargantuan midway through and now that I’m at eight months I feel like I’m about to cry when I realize I’ve still got a month to go because how can this be??

  • Just wishing you well. And, oh boy – the things kids say ;)

  • I hope tomorrow is a better day. Best wishes.

  • One day you’ll look at that picture from a couple posts ago and think “You know, I was actually cute”. I’m sorry you don’t feel that way right now. Just think – your body is growing a person right now. That in itself is beautiful.

  • Thank goodness it is only temporary and for a good cause.

    Plus, it probably only feels worse earlier because of the toddler you are constantly looking after. With Avelyn how many times did you have to bend over a day to clean up food off the floor? That’s what I thought. *sigh*

    Preggo all summer with both of my kiddos – you’ll make it, we all do, we simply have no choice.

    Growing your hair out, while pregnant, in the middle of summer – um, maybe you will decide to hold off. Besides your cut is simply fantastic!

  • You looked fabulous when we were there the other week! We greatly appreciated you having us and hope that we didn’t make too much extra work for you. I remember being pregnant and feeling like making the bed was a job that required shifts and a coffee break. Thanks so much for being a great hostess! (and for the ice cream and strawberries…mmmmm)

    Your hair as always is great, Corey and I commented when we left that day that we both thought it was a great look on you. But do what makes you feel better, that’s all that counts!

  • When I was pregnant with Lauren, I started feeling the same way at about this time, too. (I think you are due around the time I was). As for the hair…I saw you in person, and the picture you posted didn’t do it nearly enough justice. It’s beautiful…and chic! I had always made myself a promise during all three of my pregnancies to not do anything drastic to my hair because I knew I would end up in tears (I had a horrific poodle perm at the beginning of highschool and I cried for months – it was partially growing hormones, but mostly the face that I seriously looked like a poodle). Where am I going with this? Oh yeah. I can understand how you feel, but I’m still a bit jealous that I looked like a poodle after my ‘unfavourite’ hairstyle, and you still look like a movie star for yours.

  • i feel your pain i just had my #2 boy (moses) 10 months ago. my first pregnancy was a breeze! but the second seamed like it would never end. the belly is there sooner and bigger than ever. and chasing around #1 (solomon, who was 4 at the time) doesn’t make it any eaiser! it’s a pain but one look at that cute little face and you forget it all!!!
    hang in there! you’ll be rewarded for all your suffering!
    p.s. you look great!

  • I think your haircut looks good. I got the ‘posh bob’ last summer and now I have been trying to grow it out ever since. I actually went out and bought the jessica simpson/ken paves hair extension clip ins and they are so easy to use maybe you could try them?!?

  • i chopped off my hair last autumn in some lame attempt to have hair like katie holmes. needless to say- i’m still growing it out now. i’ll keep you on track. say no to scissors!

  • What a gift to have a little life being “knit together in your womb”. Enjoy every beautiful second of it knowing that it is such a short season in your life.

    As well, with my son it was about this time in the pregnancy that my husband was told that he was in charge of making beds, big meals and scrubbing the bath tub. Time to deligate :)

    Cheers to you. Hope you have a wonderful week.

  • I love your hair and you’ve inspired me to grow out the awful bangs that I thought were such a great idea a few months ago. That said, I totally understand not being happy with the short cut. I have a feeling by summer I’ll be growing mine back out to to balance out the already growing belly and thighs.

  • You are beautiful, Amanda. Seriously. But I so hear you on the never being satisfied part. And I’m sure your hair will look lovely long(er) or short(er).

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