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Worth the Weight

Do you know what my favourite part of pregnancy is?  (Aside from the wonder of the miracle of life and the beauty of the baby’s kicks to my spleen.)  Eating.  And really, truly enjoying the act and not worrying about if that scoop of ice cream is going to make my butt look big.  OF COURSE it’s going to make my butt look big, but I’ve got a huge belly out in front to draw attention away from my softening rear.  I have been eating much more healthily this time ’round than I did with my first pregnancy (making sure to eat more veggies and fruits and whole grains and lean protein) but have still gained the exact same amount of weight.  My body just seems to have a set procedure in place for pregnancy weight gain and there’s not much I can do (short of hauling my belly in my arms and running daily marathons while noshing on celery sticks) to fight it.  So, I have been embracing the softness and trying not to focus on my widening body.  I can have a piece of (100% whole grain) toast slathered with peanut butter for breakfast and not worry about how many Points I’ve consumed.  I’ve even done a little baking recently and, my, how I loved it!  I made lemon blueberry muffins and coconut macaroons and they were both divine.

My post-partum plan is to get back onto Weight Watchers as soon as I feel ready and I know I am going to be very motivated to lose the weight since I remember how great I felt when I was slim(mer).  But for now, today, I shall eat and enjoy!


  • Can I get that lemon blueberry muffin recipe? I’m drooling over here.

  • Good for you! Being happy is part of being healthy. It’s not just about size 4s, though that’s great, too! It’s also about accepting your body. Besides, you rocked the WW before so you can definitely do it again.

  • That’s my favorite part, too.

    Eat up! Worry about the weight later.

  • Enjoy every bite, you look fantastic!

    I’ll be joining you on the WW bandwagon when all is said and done. Not sure I can really use nursing as my excuse for eating like crap for 14 months after the baby is born this time around.

  • You lost it before and you will lose it again. I know you will!

    So, in the meantime, ENJOY :)

  • hmmmmm, you’re making me consider getting prego again…

  • What a great plan girlie!! You look amazing regardless, but is all in how YOU feel, so embrace it today and lose it tomorrow!!

  • Hehe.
    Ummmm… muffins!

  • I am having the hardest time adopting this attitude, even though I know it’s healthier that way. I guess I just spent SO MUCH TIME getting myself into a “Eat Less” mindframe that it’s hard to get out of it. But I have to remember that I managed to do it once, and I’ll manage to lose the weight again. And hey, I did buy myself two big bags of Dove chocolate yesterday. That’s a step in the right direction!

  • You go girl! I loooved eating when I was pregnant. Omg- just the thought of the ice cream and creme brulee makes me want to have another baby RIGHT NOW!

  • I was so much better about eating well when I was pregnant, mostly because I gave myself permission to eat what I wanted. For me that meant tons of fruit and veggies and some ice cream.

    They just announced at my workplace that they will be offering WW@work for FREE!! Whoopee! I did it after M was born and even with the ton of extra points with nursing I lost fairly quickly. Then my session was done and it was one less thing. So the weight (and more) has come back on. Ugh. I’m so excited they are taking away my two biggest excuses for not doing it again – the cost the the time to go to meetings.

  • Mmmm…food. Also, I was sitting in the car driving to work today and I though of a name to nominate for baby.v.2.0: Ailene. It’s like “Eileen” but pronounced “Ah-leen”. Maybe too much like Avelyn, with the soft “a”s, but huh. Wanted to put it out there.


  • You might as well enjoy it while you can! I wish I had a reason to… :)

  • You don’t look like you’ve gained anything but baby.
    Granted I don’t see you in person every single day, but I think you still look awesome. So, keep doing what you’re doing! Worry about the other stuff later. :)

  • Amen! I’m 17 weeks along with my third and feeling very very large already, but also trying to just enjoy it. Your WW experience last year motivated me to rejoin and I also felt great when I dropped the last 5 pounds that had been lingering. I’m sure you’ll be a great motivator again (no pressure!).

    By the way, the dress you wore to your friend’s wedding that you posted looked beautiful!

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