Friends Are Swell, Little O' This

Rebel Without a Cause

It all just happened so fast.  Last weekend I heard that my friend, Heidi, was selling her two year-old Canon Rebel XT so I called her on a whim to see how much she was asking for it.  I relayed the price to Steve and he didn’t give me a downright “no”, which I interpreted as a tentative “maybe” which would lead to an eventual “yes”.  Push came to shove and yesterday Heidi showed up at my door with my destiny in her hands.  I have wanted to learn the manual functions of a DSLR for a long time, but that desire was set on the back burner when life got busy, funds got short, and all of my friends became photography professionals so I didn’t need to bother learning the tricks of the trade since I was able to coerce them into snapping pics of my kid.  But when the opportunity to own a very gently used DSLR that would be great to learn on came knocking on my door, I realized that, yes, this is really something I want to take advantage of.  There have been many times when I’ve taken photos of Avelyn and wished I had the skills to take them to the next level and really capture the moments as I felt them.

So.  Here I go.  Dipping my baby toe into the lake of manual functions and trying to wrap my mind around aperture and shutter speed and ISO.

Christy shared some of her knowledge with me this morning and I am going to practice, practice, practice.  Here is my first piece.  I call it “Still Life With Diet Coke And Look!  I Was Able to Make the Background All Blurry Which Is Just What I Wanted To Do!  Isn’t That Called Depth Of Field Or Something?  Neat.”



  • GO YOU!

    I’m so glad it worked for you to get Heidi’s camera.

    (I’m also glad you got a Canon, but SHHHH don’t tell Christy.)

    I kid! Both brands are great.

    You are such a creative genius, that I know you will rock that camera to the best of its (and your) ability.

    See you in the morn!

  • OMG! Just think of all the baby feet you can capture!

    It will change your life!

  • You will LOVE your new camera! I have a Canon Rebel XTi that I bought about a year and a half ago and it’s probably the best purchase I’ve ever made! Have fun!

  • Oh oh oh! SO very excited for you. Getting a DSLR was one of the best things I ever did. So much fun.

  • Fun! I still have to get really into my manuals… oops.

  • So glad you are having fun! It is such an easy camera to learn on. I guess this means you picked up a CF card today. I have only had time to download my software and read the manual, but did take a couple of cool pics of the rainbow last night. The possibilities are endless!

  • So fun!!! I made the same purchase last year and I LOVE my camera…I have to admit though, I’m not exactly sure how to use it…But, it looks really good! You’ve inspired me to go dig for the manual and read for a bit!

  • So exciting!! I was just shocked by my husband yesterday when he gave me a D80 for my birthday… so many buttons and settings and ISO? f.stops? I’m so looking forward to playing with it! Can’t wait to see more of your photos :)

  • great picture! I can’t wait to see the next one!

  • WOOT! Keep practicing. Before you know it people wil be wanting you to take photos of them and then you’ll be able to start asking for money and then before you know it. You’ll be a successful full time photographer.
    Or, you can just take really awesome photos of your kids. Either way…have fun!

  • I don’t believe that a Diet Coke has ever before been captured so beautifully :)

    Have fun with the new addition to your family!!! :)

  • you should be so proud! It’s purdy, and it’s just soda… imagine what a picture of kids will be like. Go you!

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