• Adorable pictures of an ultra-adorable gal!

  • Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

  • so cute!!

  • Oh my the adorable-ness is overwhelming! And when did she start looking so grown-up? The DSLR does you good. Great pics!

  • Nice work, on both the pictures and the subject.

  • great photos!! i love the one of her muddy shoes! so cute!

  • You? Rocking the DOF.

    Avelyn? Rocking the rain slicker.

  • Darling.

    Isn’t it funny how summer can bring bikini weather one day and a few days later require a slicker and jeans?

  • The last one is my favorite :) It would make a great header for your “Kicky-boots” website—all muddy and everything.

  • Oh my goodness…That girl is so sweet! She is looking so old! Love the jacket!

  • The Over-Thinker – Thats just what I thought when I saw this! DO IT!!! :)

  • Love the pics…..your making me envious of your new purchase.

  • Great photos!

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