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Have you heard about this contest?

My hair and I, we go a long way back.  I was lucky to be blessed with a head of thick hair, and lots of it.  When I was a baby, my mom had to blow dry my hair after my baths or else it would take all day to dry.


But with the blessing of thick hair comes the curse of adolescence.  I had no idea how to care for my unruly mane.  There was frizz, greasy bangs parted in the middle of my greasy forehead, frightening cowlicks and waves, and general mayhem.  Oh yeah, and I was really chubby.  (And wearing a bow tie for my eighth grade graduation?)  What a spectacular combination.


I lost weight, learned the art of blow drying and straightening, and the ugly duckling became a swan.


A swan with tragically poor judgment who thought it would be a neat idea to cut off all her hair and dye it a frighteningly dark shade of auburn.


Augh.  This photo still makes me cringe.  What happened after, however, was even worse.  The novelty of being a redhead wore off after a couple weeks and I decided to return to the blonde of my past.  I ended up literally burning off the top quarter of my hair in a home dye-job gone bad and it took over a year to grow out the charred ends.  I don’t have any photos of that experience, and for that I am grateful.

Last winter, my hair was at its best.  And so was I.  I had just lost all of my baby weight and then some.  I had perfected the Whoorl Curl and was having fun working with my hair.


Then I went and got pregnant again, lost my svelte figure and chopped off all my hair into a bob.  I am presently growing my hair out (again).


So there you have it.  Hopefully with a little help from Hair Thursday and this contest I can get some help and score a new ‘do before the baby arrives.


  • Total TOTAL SWAN! You’re hot crap on a stick baby, good luck!

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  • Holy crap…I LOVE your Whoorl curls and I love your bob.

    But I think I love your bow tie even more! ;-)

  • I just want to know who actually looked good on their grade 8 grad?!

  • You have awesome hair. I can’t decide what I like better, the Whoorl curl or the bob. Both styles look amazing on you!

    I’d stay away from the 8th grade look, but that is just my humble opinion.

  • I happen to like the current ‘do. I am sure it takes awhile to blow dry straight since you said you have loads of it and once the new bambino arrives, how much time will you have?

    Have you tried seeing what airdrying would do for you? Any luck there?

    I am a shy blonde, meaning I have never strayed away from the blonde. I’m too scared to mess with it. Way to be daring!!

    Love the bow tie. :D

  • oh em gee.
    your whoorl curl?? AMAZING!

  • You don’t sound too fond of that grown out bob but I have to say it looks SMASHING!! Sleek and stylish and effortless-without-trying (I imagine it requires quite a bit of effort, but you don’t look “overstyled”)

  • I had a similar situation once when I dyed my hair bright red (not even auburn!). After a few months I tried to go back to blonde and ended up at the salon with green and black hair. It took them 4 color stripping treatments, two hot conditioning treatments, and four inches off the ends to get it to a orangey “strawberry” blonde. That took another year and a half to calm down and grow out. Yikes! Not all I want to do is cover the increasing strands of grays. I think you look great! I LOVE the grown out bob. When I chop my hair off again I might just chop it to that. So cute!

  • I want to see a picture of the fried-off hair, post home dye experiment! I’m sure no pictures exist though, huh? ;)

    I too like your current hair, but I can imagine it takes a good amount of work to make it “work.”

    (p.s. I tried adding you to Facebook, but then I realized you probably have no idea what my real name is :) WHO THE…???!?!

  • You have beautiful hair and features, and I think you can look good with any hairstyle because you seem to have the ideal oval-shaped face. You’ve inspired me to learn how to straighten my hair. Good luck with the contest!

  • I know the pains of hair issues, but I just want you to know that I like your hair the way it is right now. I THINK IT LOOKS SEXY!!

  • I kinda like the dark hair.

  • You look great no matter what you do with your hair.

  • I love hair! But it would be cool if you won! GOOD LUCK!

  • What a head of hair you had when you were little!!! Blow drying at such a young age? Wow!!! I LOVE the Whoorl Curl and I also love the classic bob, looks cute! Good luck with the contest!

  • I LOVE your bob…it totally doesn’t look like someone trying to grow out a haircut!

  • Gotta love junior high. But seriously, you don’t look bad in any of these pictures, even the “fat” one.

  • Ok weird…I am Canadian..even in bc! I stumbled upon your blog and low and behold? your in my neck of the woods so to speak :p Closer then all the blogs I read!

    I got a kick out of all the hairdo’s you have sported…I have sprouted a MANY over the years. BUT…I never have had a fabulous head of hair like yours!

    I ♥ ALL your colors and styles!

    BTW..I’m bookmarking your the reads so far. You made me tear up over your Christy post :'(

  • Your hair looks great as it is right now, but good luck with the contest anyways. I hope you win!

  • You were such a CUTE little baby! And now? You’re gorgeous.

  • You’re so perty, Amanda. Swan, all the way.

  • I love the bob! I think that is the first picture I have seen and your not smiling … so I did not recognize you at first! :-)

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