Farmin', Little O' This, My Girl

Contemplative Cull

In BlogHer’s stead, we have cherry harvest.


Tomorrow this sticky, snotty, scraggly-haired kid turns two years old.  Crazy. We will be having a very small birthday get-together featuring an ice cream cake with a picture of Avelyn’s idol, Arthur, drawn with sickly-sweet icing on top.  I’ll be sure to post photos of the birthday girl later this weekend.


  • I hope that little sweet pea has a fantastic 2nd birthday. Sorry my gift will be late, I only sent it out this morning. Oops!

  • I can’t believe how quickly the past two years have flown. My mom and I were just talking the other day about remembering how long it seemed to us (and I’m sure so much longer for you….) for Avelyn to arrive! Now she’s a toddler and gonna be a big sister soon.

    She’s really growing into a beautiful little girl, that picture doesn’t quite do her justice :)

  • She looks so serious, contemplating the merits of that cherry. She looks like a farmer, checking out her crop! She is such a darlin. We wish we could be there for the big day, but not this year.Right now, Smoke has found his way into the basement ceiling\mainfloor floor rafter maze; we don’t know how to get him out.Stupid cat!!

  • Happy 2nd, Avelyn!! I hope that it’s a great start to your year!

  • I was just thinking the other day that it must soon be Avelyn’s birthday. So hard to believe it has been 2 years already. Seems like just yesterday she was born. Enjoy your birthday Avelyn.

  • Happy Birthday Avelyn,

    Save me some of those cherries, would you. They look delicious!

  • Happy Birthday, Little one. Wish I could be there to share those cherries with you.

    I look forward to Birthday pictures.

  • I’m sorry to admit but I’d much rather be in your orchard woofing down as many cherries as I could stand, then be at BlogHer. The stomach always wins!

    Happy Birthday, Avelyn!

  • Glad you’re in your new digs Momma! Smoke will find his way out. Looking forward to a “quieter” bday celebration than last yr. Missing you of course! Good luck on your new place, can’t wait to see pics!
    Well Avelyn, one day you’ll know how much fun we had at your celebrations!

  • Two already!!! I can hardly believe that! Happy Birthday Avelyn, and enjoy that Arthur cake! (I always loved Arthur!)

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