My Girl


She woke up and before she had spoken a word, she barfed.  Then she kept on barfing for the rest of the day.  She was unable to keep even clear fluids down and was getting weaker by the hour.  The little girl I complain about having to sprint after was a listless lump on the couch, gagging on her vomit, her fever rising.  After nearly 24 hours of not being able to keep fluids down, we took her into the hospital.  They tried giving her Tylenol orally and she just barfed it up a minute later.  They prepped her tiny hands to receive an IV, but before they attempted inserting the needle they gave her a high-powered anti-nauseant medication that dissolved under her tongue and a dose of suppository Tylenol.  (Would you believe that she just laid there and barely moved when they inserted the pills?  Normally she would have required a straight jacket and the strength of three men to hold her down to let someone ram two horse pills up her butt!)  She was able to keep the meds in and within about a half-hour, she was able to drink and keep a small amount of fluids down.  The doctor came in to assess her and did the routine check of her ears, listened to her heart, felt her abdomen.  Then he tried to look in her mouth, but she didn’t want to cooperate.  We finally got her to open wide and he said, “Well, that’s interesting.”  Her throat was covered in tell-tale red spots that indicated strep throat.  I was shocked.  Here I was thinking we were dealing with a flu bug and she’s got strep throat?  I never knew that violent vomiting was even a symptom of strep throat.  The doctor said it’s rare for the barfing to be that bad, but we know our girl is anything but ordinary so, really, would we expect any less?  They started her on some antibiotics and she was soon able to keep more fluids down.  By the time we’d been at the hospital for three hours, she was back to her usual “let’s run around the triage room and find things to destroy” self and I was never happier to have to chase her around.

She woke up today and asked for a drink and while she’s still got a bit of a fever, she seems much better already.  I think we’ll probably spend the better part of the day camped on the couch with an arsenal of Arthur DVDs to keep us company since she’s still pretty weak and contagious, but I am just so thankful she’s up and about and not spewing barf down my chest as I hold her.  Things are looking up.


  • Poor girl! Poor you! I`ll call you later to see how it`s going.

  • Happy birthday, Missy.

  • I’m sorry Avelyn is sick with strep :(

    The sickest Makenna has been in her life (thus far) was while I was pregnant with Paige! The girl had roseola, a couple tummy bugs, several colds, and the capper — foot, hand and mouth disease. It was nine months of awesome. I swear, as soon as Paige was born, it all stopped.

    I hope Avelyn gets well soon — stay strong! :)

  • And it’s your birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  • Oh no! So scary. I hope she is better today so you both can enjoy your 26th birthday today. :)

    Get well Avelyn and HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMANDA. :)

  • Hope Avelyn feels better soon, and hope you stay healthy. Happy Birthday!

  • Poor Avelyn, poor you and Happy Birthday!

  • poor little chicken :( I hope she feels better soon!

  • Happy Birthday! Hope Miss A feels better asap!! That sounds just awful!

  • Those suppositories are an unexpected and almost literal lifesaver, aren’t they? When your toddler is listless and lies willingly on the couch for hours, you know something bad is happening. Glad she’s on the upswing.

  • Well, Amanda, you have the gift that keeps on giving. Glad she’s better.

    Happy Birthday sweetie.

  • Poor little dove. Glad she’s feeling better!

    Happy Birthday!

  • Oh Scary! I hope you don’t get it!! :)

  • Oh ugh. So glad that she’s on the mend. Happy Birthday!!

  • Aww that’s totally lame! Glad to hear she’s doing better though. Happy Birthday! Talk to you soon…hopefully from the hospital dang-nabit!

  • What a crappy birthday gift. Poor you guys. When I had Strep years ago, it was one of the top two worst feelings I EVER had! Poor little girl!

    I just wanted to applaud you on staying in with a contagious little girl. I wish more families would do that. I hate when your child is playing with someones child and they say, “oh I’m glad he’s playing nice, he was up all night puking!”. Ummmmmmm get your child away from mine!!!

    Hope she is running around again soon, like her active little self!

  • Scary. Glad she is on the up.

  • Oh my. Had a brief moment to myself since Grandma took the oldest and I just have the two little ones. Your day resembled mine (minus the hospital). Ick – on your birthday too. Hope everyone feels better soon!

  • Poor Avelyn! My brother used to throw up when he had strep throat as well. Yucky!!! Hope she continues to feel better!

    And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you enjoyed your evening out!

  • Would you believe the exact same thing happened to Megan? Exactly. Right down to going into emerg for an I.V. It took a second doctor to figure out the strep (I was so thankful for Dr. Brown that day)…
    I know how scary it is to see your child that way.
    Poor her, and poor you and Steve. Hopefully she has a speedy recovery and makes you run around like crazy soon!

  • Poor thing. I’m glad she’s feeling better! (And Happy! (belated) Day of Cake to you, too babe.)

  • Aww! Bless her widdle heart! Hope she gets better soon!

  • Oh Poor thing. I hope she is feeling better today!

  • Oh no! Hope she’s feeling better soon…and happy birthday to you!!

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