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I’m Married To a Strepper.

The strep throat seeped into Steve’s body this morning and he’s been laying in bed all day, moaning and writhing and asking me to dip a wash cloth in cool water for him to drape across his forehead.  I know it’s selfish of me to feel this way, but I am just going to say it:  I AM 89 MONTHS PREGNANT AND I DON’T WANT TO DIP A WASH CLOTH IN THE WATER FOR YOU.  I want someone to rub MY feet and buy me and ice cream cone and give me a back massage and a pedicure to reward me for making it this far and for hauling around a 40-pound belly and a 30-pound toddler all day.

Here’s hoping he feels better tomorrow.  Oh, and that I don’t catch the bug.


  • Awww!!! Perhaps you should stay away from Steve so you don’t get it!?! Might get you out of cloth duty! Hope everyone’s feeling better tomorrow!

  • I REALLY hope that you don’t get it. Sorry to hear that Steve is sick. It’s miserable.

  • Oh dear – wish I was there to massage your feet! I’d even eat ice cream with you.

    Hope EVERYONE is much better tomorrow and that you don’t get sick as well.

    Love to poor Steve.

  • Oh ugh. I hope that everyone gets better and that you don’t catch it!

  • i’m a new reader to your blog, found you through jennifer d. i read 89 months pregnant and literally laughed out loud. i needed that.
    i wish you some ice cream.

  • stay away from both Steve and Avelyn! impossible, i guess. but do wash your hands like you have OCD!!!

  • Oh no! Poor Steve and poor poor you. :( I know the feeling you are talking about exactly. You’re doing all the caring for of people when the situation should be reversed. Lame.

    I hope Steve is feeing better soon and that you avoid getting it. No making out!

  • LAME! I am really praying that you don’t get it!!

  • Oh my, I hope you don’t get it! That’s the last thing you need when you are so pregnant. Take lots of vitamins, and loads of zinc :)

  • Bless your heart! Taking care of a sick baby…uh, hubby… while prego is NO fun! You need to take yourself out for a pedicure, manicure, and a prenatal massage!!

  • haha! It’s posts like these that make me love your blog so much.

  • AGH! Run! or waddle your way AWAY from the sickness!

    hope the ailing hubby gets well soon. There is nothing worse than a sick hubby. drama. :)

  • Oh strep SUCKS! And it’s super contagious! Yuck!
    I really am hoping you don’t get it! What is up with men when they are sick? Really I think their should be a support group for their wives! They are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO whinny!!!

  • Just a reminder….you are hilarious! I don’t know how you manage to keep your sense of humor through these situations, as I know I would be passively aggressively SEETHING. Never commented before, but have been a reader since your last pregnancy. I am wishing you well and happy. Keep your vibe – it’s so very unique.

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