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A few months ago I fired off an email to the blogging great, Swistle, at her baby naming blog.  Lo and behold, my entry appeared today.  Go on and click here to weigh in the debate!


  • Couldn’t quite figure out how to post at your baby name posting (no doubt due to my advanced age)…but…Avelyn is a beautiful name. A name that I adore is Adelaide. Eleanora is another.

    Good luck with everything. You have an exquisite little girl and I’m sure your second will be equally appealing!

  • I like Elodie. I think it is pretty and unusual and goes well with Avelyn’s name. And it could easily be shortened to Ellie, which is so cute. Good luck finding one!

  • I voted the same as missbeegail – Elodie. It is such a soft feminine name like Avelyn and really goes well with it!

    The name that I love and will hopefully be able to use one day is Ella.

    Can’t wait to see what you and Steve choose!!! Good luck!

  • She suggested Briarley or something like that… it made me think of Briony. (bry-on-ee). Which, actually, I think sounds really pretty with your surname. It kind of rings, in a non-cheesy way.
    FYI. LOL :)

  • You know I love Rosalie. Still have some regrets about not naming Josie that. ;) I like Amelie as well.

    Happy choosing!

  • I love Isadora with Avelyn and your last name! Good luck picking! Those are some really good ones. What does Steve think?

  • Such a big decision for you to make with so many choices!!! I love Avelyn’s name as well as the name Anneliese…They’re both so soft and beautiful! Do you have a middle name picked out?

  • The Briarley / Brione Brown thing sort of sounds stripperish don’t you think? I know a little girl named Eleni (a play on Emily and Elenor etc) and thought I’d suggest it to you. There’s also Adeline (with a long I – Add-e-line)which goes well with Avelyn. Otherwise I vote for Elodi as well.

  • I like

    Avelyn and Lorelei Brown


    Avelyn and Amelie Brown

  • I think Rosalie is lovely, its so girly and cute.

  • A plug for Amelie (plus one official vote). There is something appealing to my sense of symmetry in taking two E- names (Evelyn and Emily) and turning them into two cool and unusual (but not loopy) A- names.

  • What about Alisa (ah-lee-sah). I had a student by that name. Sounds like it might be a combo of what you and hubby like. Good luck with everything Amanda, I will be thinking of you this next little while!!!


  • What about Anaïs (Ah-Nay-is)? Wouldn’t it be cool to sign your name with the (two dots) accent?!? Avelyn and Anaïs.

  • i teach a little girl named amalie. i like the name

  • hmmm.

    I have always loved place names… but that is just me (Holland or ireland…)

    Our daughter’s name is Aliah (like Aliyah- the one mentioned on Steve’s list. Her middle name is Jade. It means something like “a wanderer from God” in Arabic.

    Good luck :)

  • i like them all, how will you choose? one name I really like is Elena. Have fun choosing, I can’t wait to see what you decide.

  • Owch on the whole stripper-ish thing.

  • Have you considered Lydia?
    Avi and Lydie Brown


  • hi amanda!

    i read your blog every single day and guess i need to “come out of the closet” finally. we are very similar in many attributes and really could possibly be long-lost sisters:) congrats on baby #2! i have identical triplet daughters and my husband and i also went back and forth on girl names. we ended up with lily (which i named after my grandfather’s sister and NEVER thought it would be so popular), montanna and haven. of course, i love all of “our” names. being an “a” myself and my sister and “a” also i am against having siblings with the first same letter. silly and ridiculous, but just my opinion. so with all of this unsolicited information that i have provided i vote for ROSALIE! beautiful, gentle yet strong and sweet!

  • My sister is named Alisa Niven which I think is a really interesting name (far better than my own ‘Heather Jane’).

    I voted for Amelie… but I also really like Elodie…

  • I like Natashia.. partial to Russian and French names-within reason.

    Have fun with it. It’s almost show time.

    Love to you all.

  • … please name her Rosalie. that was my favorite of all her suggestions!!!

  • Oooh, I’ve been so curious about this, knowing what a struggle it was coming up with Avelyn’s (beautiful! perfect!) name. I weighed in on Swistle’s site, but aside from that I’m going to keep my mouth shut because I have complete faith in you to pick something just as beautiful and perfect for the new Little Miss Brown.

  • Avelyn and Elsa. Elsa Brown.

    I think it’s pretty cute and not too common! You could call her Elsie, Ellie, Ella, El cutie pie…. ;)

  • …As nick names, in case anybody out there thought different!

  • Rosalie, Elodie, and Amalie are also up there in my books!

    Are you guys settled on 3 syllables? I noticed you have a lot of them in the mix. Let’s see how it rolls off the tongue:

    Avelyn and duh-duh-duh.
    Avelyn and duh-duh.

    Or if you end up having 3 kids it will be:

    Avelyn, duh-duh-duh, and ??
    Avelyn, duh-duh, and ??

    Does that help? lol.

  • Totally love Mariel, but I too would spell it Marielle. What a wonderful name. It’s right up there with my other fav, Maren. Good luck….anxiously waiting to hear in Nova Scotia!

  • Oh man! Girl names are so hard! I have a 3-year old boy (Evan) and a 6-month old girl (Delaney). We were struggling with what to name her up until the last minute, but we knew the minute we found out I was pregnant what we would name the baby if it was a boy (Seth).

    Anyway, for what it’s worth, I know a really nice Elodie. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the name Elliott for a girl.

  • Layla Brown – love that one too!

  • Hi Amanda! I too am a long-time lurker and couldn’t resist weighing in on the discussion. I love so many of the names that have been suggested, particularly Rosalie, Elodie and Ella (and not just because they’re close to my name, or the name on my birth certificate (Elise)!). One other name I love is Alani… I just think it’s so pretty and feminine =) Anyway I’m sure the perfect name will come to you and Steve eventually =) Can’t wait to hear what you guys decide on! Best wishes from Australia!

  • oh, the choices you’ll have…
    although not worth much, here’s what i have come up with (as you may know, we have struggled with names having three girls)

    I happen to love A names (and haven’t used a single one myself)
    Amelia or Amelija (both pronouncd Am-e-lee-yah)
    Anae (pronounces Ah-nay)

  • I’m not techinically a lurker – just an infrequent commenter. I voted for Mariel, but I would spell it Marielle (Mar-ee-el).
    Marielle Brown.

    Or I also like Leila (Lee-lah).
    Leila Brown.

    Elodie sounds like a strong contender too.
    Elodie Brown.

    What about Evangeline – Evi for short.
    Evageline Brown, Evi Brown. (just don’t call her Eva – sounds like Eva Braun and that didn’t end well, huh?)

    Or Juliette.
    Juliette Brown.

    Or Elinora (El-ih-nor-ah).
    Elinora Brown, Elli Brown, Ella Brown.

    Oh Goodness I love baby names! And you’re probably sick of being innundated with names :-) Good luck to you!

  • How about Emery? Emery Brown.

  • I really like Amelie or what about Willow? Willow Brown..

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