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…my cervix!  It’s still posterior and showing no signs of progress.  I had an prenatal appointment today and had high hopes for an uncomfortable, yet productive, sweeping of the membranes, but the doctor said there’s no point and it would just cause a lot of pain with no results.  Boo!  I was certain that things were starting to get moving since I’ve had a lot of crampy contractions and loose stools for the past three days.  Alas, the ol’ cervix is still unripe and unwilling.

I know I am only officially one day overdue, but I feel as though I’ve earned the right to be a total bag about it.  “When are you due?”  asks an innocent bystander.

“Yesterday!!” I hiss and belly-bump him to the pavement.

Not really.  I am feeling OK and trying to take it one day at a time, because that’s totally not cliche.  Yesterday I took Avelyn to the mall and she was a gem.  We shared a vanilla bean frappuccino and looked at pretty necklaces from the dollar store.  I know my time with her as an only child is limited so we are trying to make the most of it.

Stay tuned for further details on the state of my cervix!  Hopefully, as in “it’s at 10 cm and I can see the head and Steve is live-blogging it for me!”


  • Fingers crossed for a smooth delivery, and very soon.

  • you tease! I saw your post title in my reader and got all excited :)

  • Man, your title sure tricked me! Here’s hoping for 10 cm soon :)

  • Hola was born 3 days past due date and his was baby #2!!
    I know how you feel girl, hang in there!

  • Thinking of you!… and you got me too with that title!

  • I’m glad you are enjoying your last few days with just Avelyn. But I do hope baby girl makes her entrance soon!

  • time to eat some seriously spicy food! And then go home and do that thing that all newlyweds like to do…knit! Time to get this show on the road!

  • Ohhh – sweeping the membranes is uncomfortable, a bit painful and for me didn’t work any of the three times we tried. Hang in there!

  • WHAT?

    I *just* left you a message to see what was going on. I fully expected to be visiting you in the hospital tomorrow.


    Hope she surprises you.

  • Hmmm…Darn. You are such a tease! I’ve been looking forward to that “Introducing…” post. Well, hopefully it will be sooner than you think, I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

  • Also was snowed by your title—darn it!

    I hope she arrives really really really soon!

  • Hope she comes soon, I heard a name yesterday that I thought would be lovely with Avelyn – Analeigh Brown it is derived from Ana and means favoured grace. I thought it was really pretty and close enough to Analise but without the part Steve hated. Anyway have a good week.

  • I am a lurker but feel your pain with the overdue pregnancy. Two years ago I was in the very same position – nothing was happening. My due date was 9/5 and at my appt on 9/6 they said see you next week. 12 hours later my water broke and within 2 hours I was at 4cm!
    Sending you lots of labor vibes! Soon enough you will have your ankles back :)

  • Im addicted to your blog and have been the whole 9 months whilst pregnant. My due dates tommorrow and I have a feeling he wont come along for another week after, although trying everything bar bungie jumping to bring him out now. I live in Sydney so am sending you good baby vibes from all the way over hear. I have thought about a name for you and came up with Anameika. I love it but you never know you may think terrible! Best of luck and I adore your blog you seem to always bring a smile to my face.

  • […] is now due with Baby Girl Number Two (Overdue, actually).  I offered to do a belly shoot last week and after much debate and encouragement from her blog […]

  • Mean trick! Mean, mean trick… that title had my heart jump.

    Hey, if it makes you feel any better, I was not dilated OR effaced AT ALL, for both of my pregnancies, and I went into labor within 24 hours of hearing the horrible news. Some people walk around at 4cm, others of us like to keep things nice and closed up until the very last second. =)

    Hang in there… you will NOT be pregnant forever!

  • oh i remember those over-due feelings all to well. your baby girl will be in your arms in no time and you are going to do awesome! and there’s no way your labour can last as long as it did last time, right? please, no. seeing as my labour story seems to closely mirror yours. it will give me hope for my future labours. ;)

    and you totally hooped me in with that title too, you bugger! love you.

  • I hope it is soon…best wishes

  • did anyone offer AINSLEY as a girls “a” name?
    hope things get going soon – remember baby knows when she is ready and due dates are so hard to pin point :)

  • Love the mental picture of belly bumping someone to the ground.

  • Good luck! I hope it’s soon.

  • Wow. I bet you are READY to get that baby out! I went into preterm labor and had Bayley at 33 weeks so I can’t imagine being OVERdue. Bless your heart!

  • I understand your frustration, i saw 3 different doctors t 40, 40.5, and 41 weeks and they all said that i was not progressing and they would not try and induce labor my messing with my membranes because it wouldn’t do anything. hang in there, it will come, enjoy every day that you have, and know that you aren’t the only one who has late babies.

  • EEEEEEE!!!! I can’t wait!

  • the one fun thing about being overdue was when people asked “when are you due” and I could say “yesterday” and watch the panic in their faces, as if the baby could spontaneously appear while I was talking to them.

    thinking of you… can you get Angella to blog details when it happens so we can hear right away?

  • Yes, now you can play cruel jokes on people and say that you’re in labor right this minute, can you drive me to the hospital!! (and they would totally fall for it). Once I finally went into labor with my 3rd, I had a mean nurse who did a cruel exam “down there” and then said…Oh, it’ll be hours yet…the baby is WAY up there, blah blah blah. And he was born that very hour! Humph. I SO hear your overdue pain. You won’t be prego forever! even though it feels like it now!

  • Oh, I know this feeling well. What’s the deal, second babies? Aren’t you supposed to come early? I’ll be thinking good, dilate-y thoughts for you! :)

  • I just love your blog and have been following it on and off since your pregnancy with Avelyn. I am sending positive thoughts your way, hoping that your girl doesn’t keep you waiting too long. Best wishes for a speedy delivery.

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