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She’s Here!

Hi everyone! Angella here, reporting for duty.

Steve just called me from the hospital (10:43 pm).

Steve and Amanda arrived after eight o’clock this morning for the gel action.  Labour did not start until after three o’clock this afternoon. Five hours later, a baby girl was born.

At 8:43pm, Baby Girl (No name yet!) Brown was born.

She weighed in at 8 lbs, 9 1/2 oz.

(I cannot wait to nibble on that chub.)

Momma and baby are doing extremely well.  I plan on seeing them first thing in the morning, and will update with photos unless Amanda is released early and does it herself.

Please join me in my joy and applaud Amanda and Steve on their new family member!

LVGurl - Congratulations! :) This is happy news!

Andria and Co. - Oh yay! Congrats! I bet she is absolutely adorable…

I can’t wait to hear her name, and Avelyn’s response to her new sister!

Dutch Blitz » She’s Here! - […] My close friend Amanda just had her second baby girl. Congratulations can be given here! […]

Dutch Blitz » She’s Here! - […] My close friend Amanda just had her second baby girl. Congratulations can be given here! […]

NaechsteHaltestelle - Congratulations! I can’t wait to see pictures, and I wish the mommy and baby and whole family all the very best.

sizzle - Congratulations!

Will - That is great news, I’m glad everyone is doing fine.

Tannis - Woooo hooooooo! Congrats to the whole crew, but especially to the woman who put in the hard work. Five hours!

jenB - Nothing like a new baby fresh from heaven to make me cry. Congratulations.


p.s. girls RULE

Rhi - YAY! Congratulations, Amanda! (and Daddy and Big Sis!)

Kerri Anne - Happy! baby you two. I can’t wait to * meet * her. Big love.

SAJ - Yay!!!! Wishing you all the best!

bethany actually - Praise the Lord, she’s finally here and you can look at her sweet face! :-) Blessings to you all!

justJENN - Wow, congrats!

Michele - Yahoo! Congratulations Amanda, Steve and big sister Avelyn! Can’t wait to see pictures!

Kristin - Congratulations to all- the wait is over and the cuddling begins!!!!

ikate - WhooHoo! Welcome Baby Brown!


joyce - yay! can’t wait to see some pictures of the little chubbster!

K - Congrats! I can’t wait to hear what name you’ve chosen.

Jennifer - Congratulations on your newest arrival. Can’t wait to hear the story and see the pictures. Great work!!!!

sarah - Congratulations on your new little one.

stephanie parnell - Yay!! :) Congrats!

trish - I’m so pleased for you Amanda & family! And five hours of labour rocks….

angie - Congratulations!!!! Great news! btw, my baby girl was unnamed long enough to have baby girl as her name on her birth certificate. I feel you.

Vanessa - Congratulations!!!!!!

Pam - Congratulations!! Glad everything went so smoothly.

Julie Nickerson - YAY!!!


Sounds great…only 5 hours of labor!!!!

steff - Wow! Amazing! Congratulations!

Jen - Yay! I can’t wait for pictures. :)

Megan - Congrats to your family Amanda! So happy for you!

Lindsay - Congrats! Can’t wait to see pics of the little cutie!


can’t wait to see pics and learn of her name!

Liana - Squeee! Congratulations to Amanda and Steve and Avelyn and new adorable Baby Girl!!!!
I cannot WAIT for pictures.

Lisa R. - Congratulations! Can’t wait to hear the name and see pictures!

sara - YAY!!!!!!!!!! Glad the Gel did it’s thang.

8 1/2 lbs. She was *done* for sure…. :-)
Nothin’ “half-baked” about ‘er.

Congratulations Amanda and Steve…

Now… NAME PLEASE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Ohhh and pictures too…. and what does Avelyn think?

Emily - Congratulations!! That’s awesome news! Can’t wait to hear the name and see all the pitcures. Mark and I will be praying for all the best for your whole family.

JAB - Congratulations! So glad to hear that everything went smooothly and then relatively quickly. Yipeee!!!

Shannon - Hurrah!! I can’t wait to find out the name and see pics! Hugs to Avelyn as a new big sis!

Karla - Warm congratulations Amanda.

Marie Green - Hurray! I cannot wait for more information (but take your time Amanda!). Congrats! So! Excited!

andrea - Can’t wait to see the little munchkin!

Congratulations to you all!

Katie - Congratulations to you and your family, Amanda! I can’t wait to hear the name and to see pics!

whoorl - Oh, I’m so happy! YAYAYAYYAAAY!

She Likes Purple - Oh Amanda (and Steve and Avelyn), I’m so thrilled for you. Deep congratulations.

I remember when you first announced your pregnancy. How speedy nine months flies by.

little miss mel - Welcome little one! Can’t wait to hear her name!

Shelly - Congratulations!

Domestic Extraordinaire - Congrats!!! Can’t wait to see the pictures!!

Marcie - Ohmygosh congrats! Can’t wait to see her! Glad to hear mom is doing good. Rest up while you can!

Lindz - Congrats! Can’t wait to hear what you’ve named your newest addition!

Mama Bear - Congratulations to the entire family!
Can’t wait to hear the name, I’m waiting patiently.

Swistle - *bursting into happy weeps*

Barb - Congratulations… happy to hear that your precious baby girl has finally decided to enter the world. And happy that you are both doing great. Looking forward to seeing pics…
take care of yourself and her

Teresa - Congratulations!!! Oh so exciting.

Kaydee - Congratulations!!!! How exciting!!

mrsgryphon - Congratulations to the whole family… and welcome to the wee new addition!

Kaili - Wow! Awesome! Congrats guys! Can’t wait for pictures and to hear her name! Yay!

ali - yay! congrats!

Hillary - Congratulations! I love reading your blog and I thought this was a good opportunity to de-lurk. Enjoy getting to know your new daughter!

Laurie - Nice and quick! Awesome!

Congratulations! Enjoy your new daughter.

-R- - Congrats!!!

Tianna - Woohoo!! I wanna see her! I’m so glad it’s over!

Bellamomma - Congratulations!!!!!!!!!! I am so jealous! I still have 3 months to go before we meet this little one ~ until then we’ll be living vicariously through you m’kay?


Audrey - Congratulations Amanda & Family. Can’t wait to see pictures of her!

rebecca - Congratulations! I am so happy she is out!

Lisa - YAY for GELLIN! Congratulations, I am so happy for your family! Looking forward to pictures!

Chasinash - Hooray! Congrats to the Browns.

Vicki - Conrgatulations Brown family! Way to go Amanda!!!

Lauren - SQUEE! Cannot wait to find out the name…congratulations, Steve, Amanda, and Avelyn!

Mardi - YAY!!!!!!!! Congratulations to the whole family. So excited to see pics.

Emily - Congratulations Amanda! So happy it was a fast labor! Welcome to the world, Baby!

Leah - So very happy for everyone! Can’t wait to see her sweet little face!

Jennifer - CONGRATULATIONS! Hope all is well and that you are just soaking up that new baby fabulousness. Yay for big sister Avelyn!

the slackmistress - Yay! Congrats!

EmmaW - Congratulations!

Jazz - So happy for you and your family….Yay for gel!!

simon - Way to go, Amanda!

Amanda - OH Yeah!! Can’t wait to see her sweet little face! Congratulations!!

Mrs. Wilson - Congratulations!! I’m SO happy the gel worked for you!!! That gel is WONDERFUL!

I look forward to hearing the name you bestow on your sweet little girl.

Maria - Congratulations!!

Lainey - How wonderful for you all! Enjoy your newly enlarged family :)

Amy Q - Congratulations Brown family!!! So exciting and I am thrilled everything went well.

Chelsey - congratulations! cant wait to see the newest little blessing!

Jamie - Congratulations on your newest member of your family. Cannot wait to see pics of the little one. Can’t wait to see what you guys decided on for her name. Again Congrats!

Jenn Tarver - OMG. You have 84 comments?! Dang.

Well, I’ll add mine… CONGRATS!!! I bet you can BREATHE again. Whew! And guess what… you instantly lost at least 10lbs!! woo hoo!!

Kate - Congratulations! So glad to hear everyone is doing well. Can’t wait to see pictures and hear the name!

katherine - Hoorah and congrats all the way from sunny south Florida. A new miracle to bless your lives now resides on the outside. :) B.G. Brown is blessed with two wonderful parents and the Browns have added a new soul to grow and ripen on the farm. Good luck in those first precious days. Sending all my best.

Rebecca (Bearca) - Congratulations to you! Can’t wait to see pictures and hear all about it.

Frieda - Wonderful! Congratulations. Sept 1Oth is a good day to be born.

I look foward to pictures and of coure THE NAME!!


jordan - congratulations to you (steve & avelyn too, of course!) on your new addition. :)

stephanie h. - congratulations!

Heather - Oh Wow! Congratulations! Can’t wait to see this sweet baby girl :-)

Karalyn - Congratulations!!!!

Tracy - Congrats! Glad to hear this time around the labour went faster than last!

Have fun with your girls!!!

metalia - YAYAYAY!!! SO happy for you all!

Jill - Congrats guys!

michelle - Hooray! Glad the waiting is finally over. Welcome, little one!

Amy C. - What joyful news! Congratulations!

Hali - Congratulations Steve, Amanda and Avelyn!!!

Natalie - Congrats!! Can’t wait to find out what her name is!

The Over-Thinker - YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! Thanks for posting this, Angella!!
I canNOT wait for pictures of the happy, expanded family :-)

Ashley - Congratulations Guys!!!!! We couldn’t be happier for all of you!

Lindsay - Congrats Amanda and Steve. Can’t wait to see the pics of the new family!!

Kristin - Completely, totally love the name Jolie. A million and seven congrats to you, what a beautiful addition to an already gorgeous family.

Teej - Congratulations Brown family!

SarahD - Awesome!! I’m so happy she made it here safely, and quickly once the gel took effect!! I wish you many loads of energy for the next few weeks.

margaret - Congratulations to all!!! How wonderful to hear of your precious baby’s safe arrival.