My Girl, My Girl 2.0

Cook’s Kiss

Like mother, like daughter.


I am beyond tired these days.  I know it won’t last forever, but right now it feels like it just might.  I am bleary-eyed, easily irritated, and consistently going to bed before nine o’clock each night, but really, life has never been better.  Jolie is a dream baby and she and Avelyn are getting along beautifully.  I can’t wait to watch them become companions and playmates and friends.


  • It does and will get easier. You’re doing great.

  • yum! can’t believe you have energy to bake something!!!

  • that picture is hilarious!
    it made me want to eat a tub of cream cheese frosting.

  • Mmmm baking.
    Wait, I don’t have a newborn and a toddler, and I consistently go to bed before 9 too. I think there’s something wrong with this picture…

  • You’ll need to start using hand-beaters so they can each have one :)

  • My Lord that batter looks yummy. Smart girl. I just love, love, love her little pigtail curls!

  • I LOVE that photo!!! Avelyn is so sweet! Glad to hear the girls are doing well, hope you feel more rested!

  • You don’t *look* tired, so there’s that :)

    Avelyn is a girl after my own heart…

  • I don’t miss those newborn wakeup calls every 2 hours. Ugh. I was so sleep deprived I don’t remember much. :( ANd I didn’t even have a toddler. So you are AWESOME!!!

  • Great picture!! Glad to hear things are going well… despite how tired you are. It won’t be long and you’ll either be used to it or she’ll be sleeping longer stretches! Hang in there!!

  • Oh my Gosh I want to eat that.

  • Hang in there! Before long, you’ll start getting more sleep. I know how rough it is in the beginning. Just rely on your friend Diet Coke for now. :)

  • lol. That’s what baking looks like at our house. The girls beg for hours to ‘do baking’ and as soon as we start want to know when it’s time to lick.

  • I remember doing that when I was a kiddo, too. My sister and I would each get one beater when Mom was finished making brownies.

  • I so remember the overwhelming exhaustion. Hang in there! Your girls are gorgeous.

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