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My thoughts have been mighty scattered these days, thanks to a congested baby with a head cold who snuffles and snorts and sniffs all night long, thus rendering me even more sleep deprived than usual.  Poor kid.  A mere four weeks old and already plagued with a cold, thanks to the thick, green boogers her older sister has had dangling from her nostrils for the past few days.  So, help yourself to these random thoughts of mine:

Yes, Jolie is four weeks old today. It’s funny because I feel like, “I can’t believe it’s already been four weeks; it’s gone by so fast, she’s grown so much, etc.”  But then I also feel like, “Only four weeks?  I’ve only made it through four weeks?!  There are still many more weeks of exhaustion ahead of me and I don’t know if I can take it.”

I have been reading “The Time Traveler’s Wife” and really enjoying it.  I manage to take it in in five page doses, while I am pumping or feeding the baby.  It’s got a magical feel to it, especially when read at three in the morning with the hypnotic sound of my breast pump motor squeaking in the background.

Oh yeah, our truck got STOLEN on the weekend.  Right out of our front yard, with the huge orchard trailer attached to it.  I am still kind of in shock about the whole thing.  The quaint little town of Summerland has lost its innocence for me now.  We have to wait 30 days to see if the truck is recovered.  I hope the jerks get caught and have to go to jail and share a cell with an amorous thug named Leo.

I go back and forth between feeling like a sad, jiggly mess and feeling like, hey, I just had a baby a month ago and I think I am looking pretty good.  I tried to do Weight Watchers last week but caved after four days.  Then I still lost two pounds.  Go figure.

I am quite certain that Avelyn’s bowel movements are growing more vile each day.  Compared with changing a little newborn’s barely-smelly breastmilk poops, Avelyn’s diapers are extra frightening and her bum cheeks look like they belong to a linebacker.  A linebacker who should be able to wipe his own butt.   Yet, she shows absolutely no interest in the potty.  My nostrils are still burning.

Happy Wednesday, all!


  • And they’re making a movie of the Time Traveller’s Wife!

  • I’m sorry you’re so sleep deprived! Hopefully all the boogers leave your house very VERY soon.

  • ok that is my absolute favorite book. i’m glad its bringing you some joy. ahhh claire & henry… or more just henry haha.

    seriously amanda your blog is a ray of light in my days filled with paper, numbers, bullitens, design, phonecalls and all the other random busieness of being a church secretary.

    thanks for writing, even random thoughts, i appreciate!

  • oh, man Amanda. That part about Avelyn & her poops made me laugh so hard I cried!!! I know EXACTLY how you feel. I think Micah is ready to be trained but I’m too lazy. Maybe, when I’m done breastfeeding. Only 3 more months of that for me, I think! What??! I still have 3 more months!! Wish we could hang out.

  • Hi Amanda, your blog is too cute!

    3 weeks ago, we had our truck stolen right out of our driveway…in Lakeridge! It was found a week ago, on a reserve completely destroyed, the only thing they could have done to make it any more un-drivable would have been lighting it on fire!

    So I feel you pain, it is so frustrating to think that someone would go that far out of their way to take something of yours! Hope yours turns up better than ours did!

    Oh, and the really funny part of all of this is – we were cleaning out the basement, so the back of the truck was filled with garbage we had to haul away and they took the time to unload the garbage and place it nicely behind my car!!!!

  • sorry about the vile poopage you have to deal with! that doesn’t sound like fun.

  • Poop, boogies and a stolen truck? You’ve been busy! Hope Jolie gets over her cold quickly, that can’t be fun. Hope everything works out with the truck too. Take care of yourself!

  • It was “the amorous thug names Leo” that cracked me up!

  • Oh… I love “Time Traveler’s Wife”. It made me cry and laugh! Enjoy.

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