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Slings and Arrows

Today I busted out the Pippalily sling I won from Mommy Knows last year.


It worked like a charm and freed up my hands to…well, to blog.  Jolie’s still nestled in the sling as I type this.  Sure, I could take this opportunity to fold some laundry or something, but I think we all know by now that I’m not that kind of girl.


I was glancing through some old photos on a forgotten memory card and came across this gem:


It speaks volumes, doesn’t it?  An angry Avelyn in the midst of a meltdown while her wearied mother tries to smile through the pain.  At least the mom’s a MILF.

Ashley - Jolie looks so cozy in her sling, must be nice to be packed around all day, eat when you want, sleep when you want….why is it we grow up?

Just Jiff - Beautiful pictures! Love the sling!

Emily - Oh, that last one? PRICELESS.

Angella - LOVING that last one! The photos of Jolie in the sling make me want to go back to sleep :)

Mrs. Wilson - You look amazing! Your hair seems to be growing at an astronomical rate. Either that, or you haven’t posted a picture of yourself in a while.

Thanks for letting us see a new photo of your new little gem!

Jen - “but I think we all know by now that I’m not that kind of girl”

I laughed out loud at this line. As in, totally LOLed. I’m so glad she enjoys the sling. It’s a whole new world when your hands are free.

Meg - You look so fantastic!!!
And seriously, your girls?
Cute cute cute!

joyce - Jolie looks like an angel. And you…total MILF.

Elizabeth - That is a lovely sling, The fabric –ooooohhhhhhh! I’m totally a babywearin’ mama. I hope you can enjoy the benefits of wearing your wee babe.

Kerri Anne - You are hilarious. Also: that sling is LOVELY. Do you think it would be weird if I bought a sling just to hoist Iggy around in it? I think it could be very good mother pug bonding. Maybe if he were sedated.

Laurell - LOL!!!

andrea - Oh my gosh, you look so great! Here is hoping that is 8 weeks I can pull myself together enough to actually accessories and outfit.

Love the sling. I got a Hotsling this time around and can’t wait to test it out.

shelley - Did you just call yourself a MILF????? K, you’re hilarious!!

Michele - Hahaha!!! You look great, as does Jolie! Love the sling!

jordan - that sling is so cute, i definitely want one ..when i have kids, i mean. none yet though!

jolie is beautiful & so are you! :)

oh and that picture of you & avelyn is hilariously cute. at least YOU look happy!

mommyknows - I’m so glad you like it. Looks fab on you both. Jolie is perfect … just like Avelyn.

Brooke - Whew! I rarely read comments and barely post them…after reading some of these comments I don’t feel so bad for being a non mom who reads mom blogs : )

liz - jeez…you have a bitty baby and yet you look incredible. no visible under-eye baggage, perfect hair, and you even managed to accessorize! (the necklace, i mean, though the baby is a nice accessory too). not fair.

trish - I love your hair – wow, it’s really grown! Postpartumn hair loss hitting yet? My drains are clogged…

reddirtroad - Oh my gosh, I can’t wait to wear my baby on another part of my body that isn’t my stretched out belly.