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Stuck In a Moment

I see it in the eyes of gray-haired ladies as they sneak glances at the infant in my stroller; I see it in the looks the middle-aged mothers at the grocery store cast towards my two year-old; I see it in myself when I flip through Avelyn’s scrapbook and see the rapid progression in the photos from dazed newborn to chubby baby to independent toddler.  The time, it passes so fast.

Why is it that while I am in the moment, living the daily life of being a mother of two, I don’t see how fleeting the days are?  The endless parade of soiled diapers, tantrums, counters to wipe, floors to vacuum, screams to soothe, and meals to plan, they don’t feel magical while I’m in the midst of them.  But I know that when they are gone, when this stage of life has passed, I will yearn for these days.  Before I know it our girls will be off to school, off to college, off to life and I’ll pine for a poopy diaper, for ol’ time’s sake.

Here’s to making the most of reality, fleeting as it may be.



  • During my pregnancy all I heard was how fast time would pass and how I should cherish every moment. I didn’t take those comments too seriously until I actually experienced my baby growing up. He turned two today and I’m wondering how it all happened so quickly.

  • Wise words, my friend.

  • Beautifully put!

  • i always say the days are long but the months are short… ty just turned 1 and all i heard (and felt) was, where does the time go?

  • Thanks. I needed that.

  • Beautifully written!

  • She is so sweet!

  • Your title – – caught my eye on the technorati feed page. I’m not sure that the content of the post actually matches the title though. You sure you’re not writing post titles to get readers, rather than representing the content of the post? ;-)

  • love this. i think it reflects perfectly what so many of us mothers of the young ‘uns feel.

    thank you!

  • Yeah, I think that’s why grandparents LOVE grandbabies so much. They get the cute, smooshy baby without all the hustle and bustle, poopy diapers, etc. :)

  • very wise. It is vital to soak up every moment, even the ones that you wish would pass more quickly.

    On another, more vanity lead note… Are you growing your hair out? It even looks good hiding behind a camera, darn you…

    have a great day with your little people.

  • I’m just loving the meltdown photo. Meltdown photos are the BEST.

    Did you show her a photo of me to make her cry?


  • It’s never a bad time to stop and smell the diapers.

  • There’s this song by Trace Adkin that makes my cry every time… called “you’re gonna miss this”. This post made me think of it…

  • Too true!

  • Perfect. Thank you for sharing these words. They are too true.

  • Oh soo true!

    Every time see apples I think of you all, I think I was traumatized by the spillage of apples you shared a few posts back! Either way here is a link to something I found really neat:

  • I love this post. And what a perfect picture for it ;)

  • Hi there.
    I do love how you say things.

    I lurk here from time to time (creeped out yet?). I believe my sister is a pal of yours from your Bible School days (

    I think you and your family are just lovely.

  • If you ever need a diaper to change, I’m sure all you’ll have to do is voluteer yourself to a new mother and she’ll let you work out your nostalgia on her infant, no charge!

  • Such a good post, SO true!

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