• This made me miss you and those little girls OH SO MUCH! My favorite part is when Jolie appears. She has gotten like 14 times cuter. And Avelyn, that little grin and twinkle in her eye makes my heart smile. Anyway, in summary, I think Kickyboots.com needs more videos of the three of you!

  • Aw, looks like fun! Dancing does make everything better. We have daily dance parties at our house… lately, to the tune of “Santa Clause is Coming to Town” :) It’s pretty much Eva’s favourite thing.

    Oh, and Avelyn’s little ringlet curls are so darn cute!

  • Aside from coming home to my sweet Little Lady this just made my day. You’re all beautiful.

  • Oh Amanda, this is beautiful. And you look fantastic.

  • Aw! That made my heart do a little happy dance along with you three.

  • Perfect. Absolutely perfect.

  • that is just so cute!
    btw…you look really great. skinny minny.

  • You have two of the sweetest girls ever! That video was so cute, I loved when Jolie joined in! Avelyn looks like such a good big sister!

  • That was great!

  • Very. Cute.

  • That was wonderful. Kinda makes the late nights worth it.

  • SO CUTE!!!

  • Totally made my morning.

  • AWE! That was very sweet.

    There’s Rolo! I was wondering where he went…

    I love Jolie’s look at the end… WOAH! Too much! Woooaaahhhh…

  • So cute. I may have even teared up a little.

  • I would just like to take a moment and point out how great you look in those jeans. So cut yourself a bit of slack this Holiday Season!!!

  • love it! love it! love it!!

  • Awesome!
    And I’m sorry, did you say you’d recently had a baby?
    I don’t believe it!

  • So sweet!!!! Made me tear up. That is the video they’ll look back when they are your age and say I can’t believe we were babies.

  • I totally just spontaneously got a cavity from all that sweetness!

  • so that was pretty much the cutest thing i’ve ever seen. you look amazing, after having a baby not too long ago! your girls are precious & i love the part where avelyn is dancing with jolie, giggling. SO adorable. :)

  • Oh my goodness—my heart is in spasm,in a good way! All my girls are soo cute.I hate being so far away!

  • This choked me right on up. So darn cute!

  • I agree, dancing really does make everything better. This video is so sweet. It made me smile so huge :)

  • ssooooo cute! and you look awesome!

  • I found your site in google when I was looking up blogs. I realy like what you have done and just wanted to leave a comment saying so. Cheers

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