Hungry Mondays, Weight

Hungry Mondays, Week Seven: Holiday Re-Evaluations


Last week: 150

This week: 150

No weight loss again this week, but, again, I am neither surprised nor disappointed.  Let me explain: this week I had four major holiday events that all revolved around food.  At the first event I was dedicated and picked at sushi and steamed edamame while everyone else chowed down on bacon cheeseburgers.  The next event was a Christmas cookie exchange party and I caved at the sight of all the glorious treats before me.  But I didn’t go crazy, I just enjoyed a couple goodies, rather thoroughly.  We were then at two more holiday parties and I decided that I wasn’t going to worry about Points or focus on losing weight, rather focus on enjoying the treats in moderation and the wonderful company around me.  So, I ate.  Butter on my buns, english toffee, full-sugar punch, hashbrown casserole, and brownies.  But I made sure not to overeat and to listen to my body’s cues.  And ta-da!  I didn’t gain an ounce.

Granted, I didn’t lose weight, which would have been even better, but I consider the fact that I was surrounded by and partook of rich, delicious foods all weekend and didn’t overindulge, to be a huge victory for me.

So here is my revised holiday plan:  I am back to counting Points for this week.  But after that, once my family arrives and the Christmas celebrations begin in earnest, I will eat the yummy stuff, but in mindful moderation.  This week has proven to me that I can do that and not gain 40 pounds a day.  I think this will make the holidays much more enjoyable and even if I stay at 150 for the rest of the month I know I’ll have a renewed drive to get back on the WWagon in January when the rest of the world is also making resolutions.

I don’t feel like this is a cop-out, and I am not giving myself permission for a two-week free-for-all.  So there.   One-fitty ain’t so bad if it means I get some shortbread.


  • Not a cop out at all. I think that is a HUGE victory for you.

    I could hardly get my jeans on today. Abby watched me struggle and I explained, a tad embarrased “oops … I guess Mommy ate too many Christmas treats.”

    I’ll be on that bandwagon come January.

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  • Amen to that! Your attitude is great. Enjoy the holidays.

  • You’re better than me. I’m stuffing myself! lol.
    I’ll lose the weight after the holidays. Hopefully. lol

  • Maintaining though the holidays is GREAT, and your attitude is, too. Remember it’s not just numbers on the scale, it’s about being in the right headspace. It’s easy to have body issues take over our life and make us crazy, so this is just another weapon in your arsenal!


  • That sounds like a good plan. Maybe I should try that moderation thing you speak of – I’ve never heard of it before.

  • I think you are doing amazing. And looking HOTT to boot :)

  • Or you can do what I did a couple of days this week. Skip the food and just have the treats instead. That would come to the same amount of points would it not???? Maintaining is great at this time of year and you won’t feel so deprived.

  • Hey Amanda – I think that leveling out during the holidays is great! Just think about how many people gain the December 10.

    Also, you were 9 pounds heavier just 7 weeks ago, that’s over a pound a week on average so I’d say you’re rocking along with this!

    Good luck!

  • Amen to the shortbread.

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