Hungry Mondays, Weight

Hungry Mondays, Week 12: Descent


Last week: 148

This week: 146

Hurrah!  Another pleasing week.  Even with Christy’s company I managed to keep losing since we, for the most part, kept one another on track.  There was a lot of diet coke and edamame going on, but we used our Flex Points gloriously on the weekend when we went out to dinner and celebrated Ange’s birthday.   (For those wondering I had a pesto chicken quesadilla, skinny fries and lettuce wraps, all of which were straight from heaven.)

While this journey is slow, I am thankful for results.  It feels good to set a goal and watch yourself near it.

Same time next week, weight stalkers!


  • Good for you Amanda!

    it’s pretty exciting watching this all happen for you! seriously!

  • Those quesadillas were AMAZING. As were the lettuce wraps. And of course, the company :)

  • Good for you!

  • Congratulations!

  • Way to go!

  • You are doing so great. I keep thinking I should just take the plunge and sign up for WW, but since I am still losing weight on my own I haven’t done it yet. I am sure to plateau at some point and god knows I don’t have my portions under control. It is just a matter of time….

  • Girl, Congratulations!

    Also, I need you to know I joined WW online today, because of you.

    Now, can you hold my hand? I’m starving and I think I might faint.

  • CONGRATS!!! That has to feel AMAZING!

  • WOOHOO!!! Go Amanda! I’ve been following you for a little while, and it’s great to see your victories each week! Good work!

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