Hungry Mondays, Weight

Hungry Mondays Week 13: Same Old


Last week: 146

This week: 146

This week blew phlegmy chunks.  Literally.  We’ve all been sick and I am exhausted.  I caught some weird strain of the flu that left me without appetite for a good part of the week, then when it returned I didn’t bother counting Points since I was too wasted from taking care of coughing, barfing grumpy kids all week to care what I was ramming down my maw.  I am back on track again this week and will hopefully be back to report that my kids are healthy and I am so skinnnnneeee!

*insert rattling, wet chest cough of both children here, followed by a pathetic wail of “Mommmeeee!”*

Gotta run!


  • This sickness is stupid. Does anyone NOT have it?

    (PS – you already ARE looking skinny :) )

  • 146 is still fabulous, and here’s hoping you all feel better very soon.

  • Hope the kiddies feel better soon! We’ve been battling toddler and mom flu here too. NOT fun.

    I’ve seen you in DB’s photos, you look fabulous!

  • Awwww, hope everyone feels better soon.

  • Hope ya’ll feel better soon! I think this bug is some weird blog virus or something. That’s the only way I can figure it’s getting passed around.

  • You really are looking fabulous already! I know I could tell you that all day and you would only sort of believe it because I am the same way. If only we could all see ourselves the way others see us.

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