My Girl, My Girl 2.0

These Are the Moments

I never had a sister.  I am glad that these two will never have to say that.


  • They are both adorable and lucky girls to have each other.

  • That last photo is AWESOME. Avelyn looks like she is secretly plotting something not too nice. Jolie looks like she is giving you the silent stare of fear. “” [nod, nod]. They are too cute.

  • That is my mantra with Makenna, when her little sister isn’t high on her list.

    “Mommy never had a sister. She didn’t have a brother either. She grew up all alone. It is very special to have a sister.”


    They look quite happy with one another, although Avelyn is keeping her eye on that little one (last picture!)

  • AWW!!! They’re so lucky, not to mention adorable! I didn’t have a sister either. Just 3 rotten to the core brothers.

  • Very sweet. Sisters are the best. :)

  • Avelyn looks particularly mischievous in that last photo! Hmmm..

  • Awww!!! They’re so sweet!

  • They are going to be so thankful for each other. Jolie’s expression in that second-last photo cracks me up.

  • sisters are the best! i love mine!

    your girls are beautiful. love Jolie’s little curls.

  • They’re so cute! I think they’ll look just alike when they’re bigger.

  • Aww! So sweet. The second to last is my favorite. (And Ella has EXACTLY the same hair as Jolie.)

  • Ooh, they’re just. so. cute!!

    Sisters are so much fun; I hope your girls grow up to love each other as much as my sisters and I do. I’m sure they will =)

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