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Grandma’s ‘Jyna

Avelyn knows where her grandma lives: in Regina.  But with a two year-old’s pronunciation, it sounds a little shocking when she tells people.  My time in the Queen City was great, although it has become apparent that Jolie is following in her sister’s footsteps and has chosen to be a Difficult Traveler.  The flights were actually not bad; she slept and only fussed minimally.  But being in a new home, a new bed, with new faces really thew her off.  She was constipated (she only pooped once the whole time we were there, and woh, it’s was a doozy), and clingy (she would wail if I left) and fussy and her squawking, if translated, would have said, “Take me home, losers!”

Despite the crab-factor, we managed to have some fun.  See?

Jen and I spent Saturday morning at the spa where we each got a massage, and I had a pedicure while Jen received a French manicure.  Here she is picking out a nail polish colour.  The one she’s holding looked to be a lovely shade of bile, so she went with a glossy pink in the end.  I chose a hot, shiny, totally ’80s bubble-gum pink for my toes.

So happy to be free from the children!

Jen’s purty fingees.  Ooh-la-la! Then we had a healthy and well rounded (regular AND dessert pizza) meal at the Pizza Hut lunch buffet.  ‘Twas heaven in my belly.  After lunch we went shopping, then to see a matinee.  Pretty much the best day ever.

It turned out that Bebe Jolie cried the whole time I was gone, so most of the visiting we did in the next few days was at home.  Which turned out to be fine since my mom has a shiny new cappuccino machine and a pantry full of syrups.  She played the part of an eager barista and no one complained!

Here she is taking orders.  Now get to work, Mom, and hold the baby while you’re at it.

I got to meet a new Jen and she was super neat!  She wrote all about our time together here and I am glad we all had a fun time.

I also got to see my old friend, Kendra.  Good times, god lattes, good laughs.

Jolie fared well on the flight home but then SCREAMED the entire hour’s drive from the airport to home.  Nothing says welcome home like this, “Husband! I missed you, let’s have a nice heart-to-heart while we drive, wait the baby won’t stop crying, gah! still crying, please throw me off the next cliff because I can’t take the crying”.

It’s a beautiful life.


  • I’m glad you had a great time in ‘Jyna :)

    ps. My WORD my face is splotchy. Yikes.

  • I was overjoyed to see you and get to spend a bit of time each day with you. Abby still sometimes says we live in “Vagina”. Funny.

  • What a great trip! I was THAT mother with the baby with my little one on his first flight. OMG. It was horrific.

  • OHHHHHHH, i LOOOOOOVE that picture of your mom getting ready to be a barista extraodinaire!!!

  • Somehow I think the ‘god lattes’ was not a typo….

  • your mom is incredibly cute. ad that’s the truth ….

  • Can your Mom move here and makes us lattes all the time? That would be swell.

  • I love the picture with your Mom and all of the syrup flavors! I wish I had such a well stocked kitchen!

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