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Bebe Jolie had her six month check up today and the doctor plotted her height and weight on the percentile curve, only to see that she is off the charts in both measurements. She’s HUGE!  She said, “She is like a one year-old in a six month-old’s body.”

Her favourite song is “Single Ladies” by Beyonce and if she’s ever fussy or tired, I just start singing that tune and bopping around, shaking my very own Beyonce-esque bottom while we jive, and she starts to laugh and laugh and stick out her chubby little tongue.  Here’s an action shot, as I tried to make her smile for camera.  “If you liked it, then you shoulda put a ring on it!”

Please pardon the Michael Jackson crotch grab.

Steve’s sister and her fiance were here last week and Avelyn LOVES when they come to visit since they always take her to the “swing cool” (translation: swimming pool).

They are getting married in July and Avelyn will be their flower girl.  We found her dress this weekend and I can’t wait to see her all dolled up!

The Dyson vacuum we bought a year and a half ago, its bristles in the powerhead are all worn away. And I can’t find my receipt. And I may have forgotten to mail off the warranty card.

Jolie can sit unassisted now and thus marks the beginning of my favourite baby stage: when they’re content to sit and play with toys but are still unable to crawl/toddle/walk and find trouble.  It’s shortlived, but I’m loving it.

I have been doing the 30 Day Shred and after only four days of doing the workouts, I feel stronger.  I am not stiff for a week after the exercises; I don’t feel like horking up my spleen during the cardio portions, and I am encouraged by this progress.  I have never had muscle tone, even when at my thinnest, so I am excited to get a little more firm.  The other thing I have learned is that, if you’ve birthed two babies, and you’re doing a push-up, DO NOT look back and down at your stomach, which will be hovering a half-inch from the floor like a wobbly crepe.

I am growing out my bangs.  They are not what I had hoped they would be.  I am also growing out the rest of the length too, since it’s been over three years since it was past my shoulders.  Once it gets long, I will undoubtedly hack it off, love the new ‘do for three weeks, then declare my growing it out again.

*This is NOT a word, but Steve uses it often.  It’s his trademarked hybrid of “snippets” and “tidbits”.  I like it.


  • Never, NEVER look down.

  • Woohoo, Jolie. I am anxious for my Micah to begin this stage. Sorry about your Dyson :(

  • Wobbly crepe…WOBBLY CREPE…oh my I so know what you mean therefore I could not stop laughing. One of the many things I will embarrassingly show my children some day in a tyraid about what they owe me and what I have sacrificed for them. So glad you are feeling firmer. Right now Jillian is sitting on my shelf with her rock hard abs and steely glare telling me to get off my lazy ass and work out!

  • LOL @ the wobbly crepe. You are SOOO right.

    I can’t get over the Michael Jackson crotch grab. That’s just too funny. My kids are no strangers to that carrying technique.

  • Jolie’s cheeks look VERY pokable!
    And Avelyn looks like she having a BALL with her Auntie and (almost!!) Uncle!

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  • Our “new” vacuum just broke too. STUPID.

  • Matthew’s been doing the 30DS this week too! He told me that yesterday he was able to push ups without thinking he was dying.

    And we are ALL ABOUT Beyonce over here. Emily belts it out in the van :)

    I miss you too. Looking forward to Saturday!

  • I seriously miss you. Why can’t we all live closer? WHY, I say.

    Also: I’m on day 8! (Um, or is it 9 now? I’m no good with the counting), and the soreness, it is GONE. I mean, Jillian is still kicking my proverbial (and literal) behind, but I can MOVE the next day. Progress is awesome.

  • Hilarious post. Your writing is definitely keeping me coming back haha.

  • I really enjoyed this edition of your blog – not to mention the great pictures.

    You know I’m old – but what is the 30 Day Shred? Sounds good!

    Love to you all.

  • I too have the wobbly crepe belly during push-ups! Oh the joys of birthing two children.

  • Stella also loves Beyonce and requests the “single Wadies” all the time,accompanied by dance moves that she may or may not have seen on the music video which I “of course” would not encourage ;) Love this post and its random yet cohesive awesomeness.

    I’m doing the shred too, and I shit you not every time I do push ups I look down at my stomach dangling like a cow udder and think “oh dear god i hope my husband isn’t looking now” i am soooo soo glad i am not the only one who noticed that, or who had that!

  • I’m also guilty of the grow-hair-cut-hair cycle – how do some women pick a style and love it for ages?

    I will never ever wear a bikini again. And that’s a real never ever, not a Lola never ever! As long as I don’t see my belly, it’s fine, but the minute I start examining it, it depresses me.

  • this place looks beautiful

  • I love that first picture of you and Jolie, what a happy little girl! I can’t believe all these second babies being so big, Audrey’s already pushing her way off the charts, she’s wearing clothes that Beth wore at 4 months and she’s only just 2 months, she’s so long.

    But your pictures are making us home sick, we sure do miss the Okanagan this time of year and of course all summer when ya’ll are getting to bask in the sunshine and we are getting to dodge the raindrops :)

  • I made the mistake of looking down when I was doing push ups this morning. You described my belly to a T.

    Jolie is adorable –and 6 months already?!

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