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Here is the update you’ve all been pining for:

Yesterday I did my first real push-up.  It wasn’t pretty and I may have tooted, but I won’t let that hinder my sense of accomplishment.

I also cleaned out our fridge.  Usually I just wait until I have a baby and my mom comes to help me and she cleans the fridge for me while I nap (wonder why she doesn’t visit more often?) but there’s not going to be another baby ’round these parts for a loooong time so I figured it was up to me to scrape the mystery goo out of the crisper drawers.

And I sewed curtains for our kitchen!  We have lived in our house for nearly six years and the kitchen windows were still bare.  So yesterday I spent a couple hours sewing some simple curtains and I am shocked that they don’t look horrible.  Steve has yet to hang the curtain rods so I have to wait (most likely until 2034) to see what they actually look like in all their glory, but I am hopeful.

Steve’s finger is getting better.  Last night he changed the dressing and asked if I wanted to see the wound.  WHY DID I SAY YES?!?  It’s nasty, guys.  But the finger is live and healthy and healing and he sees the surgeon later this week for another assessment.

I have been working on something, a little project for myself and it’s been going well.  That’s all I’m going to say for now, but stay tuned for details. (NOT PREGNANT.)

Jolie has two teeth now and hooo, they were little jerks to her as they emerged.  She had a raging fever for five days, a runny nose, a grumpy disposition and no appetite. Poor bebe. But more importantly, poor me for having to deal with her.

Oh, and remember that contest I entered last week where I posed in my saggy-bum sweat pants? Well, thanks to you votes I won the very last runner-up gift of $50.  I would offer to split it with those who voted for me, but I think you know me better than that.  Anyways, thanks to everyone who voted.  I will buy something nice and think of you, my beloved readers, whenever I wear it.


  • Oooh…what is this something nice for yourself? I’m curious.

    Way to go on being so productive yesterday!

  • What is it with guys and curtain rods? Ours didn’t get hung in our last house until right before we put it on the market! :)And, our new home? Still sans curtains. But, the blinds are up! A step in the right direction! Hope the finger heals soon! I would’ve passed out cold.

  • I cannot wait to go and help you spend that gift certificate :)

  • “Yesterday I did my first real push-up. It wasn’t pretty and I may have tooted, but I won’t let that hinder my sense of accomplishment.”

    Okay, I just laughed so hard, it is no longer a secret (HA!) that I read blogs at the office!

    ~Mad(elyn) in Alabama

  • I’ve never done a real push-up before. I started the shred this week and have so far managed to do two consecutive girly push-ups. I’m so ashamed.

  • You seem like a smart lady I am sure you could figure out how to hang the curtain rods on your own. :)

  • Be proud of those push-ups! I have completed two triathlons and one marathon… and I STILL cannot do more than two push-ups. And I’m talking girl push-ups.

  • i NEEEEED a picture of steve’s mangled finger! C’mon! I wanna seeeeee! Or at least post a video of you doing a push up and farting. C’mon cuz, it’s one or the other…you decide!!

  • I’m curious about the project as well. And I can’t wait until 2034 when we get to see the curtains!

  • i don’t know if you’ve tried but teething tablets saved me (and my boys) during teething.
    hylands teething tables…try them if you havent i promise they work.

  • Yah for your “project” (mine too!) and Steve’s finger getting better and the curtains and the contest!

    Boo for a cranky teething baby. I’d offer to clean your fridge when I get there, but that would be a lie. I’d rather hold your screaming baby while I watch you do it.

  • Yay you on your curtains, fridge cleaning, pushup, and project success!


  • Good job on gettin’ stuff done. I love those days. Too bad they come so far apart, for me… Ah well.

  • Yeah for domesticity!! Good for you on getting so much accomplished! A real push up?!? Awesome!! I can barely do the girly kind.

    Congrats on winning the $50! I voted for ya!

  • I have to put up my own curtain rods, or like you, I’d be waiting til 2034!! I laughed so hard about your push up that I had to read it to my hubby who laughed too. Thanks for the giggle, because this has been a rotten day.

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