Friends Are Swell, My Girl, My Girl 2.0

Friendsday (Rhymes With Wednesday)

I made an appointment for later this week to get some bloodwork done to check my iron levels, and I might just have them take a look at my thyroid levels while they’re at it.  I have never had thyroid problems in the past, but it might be nice to find out there’s a reason that my metabolism is slower than a slug on a trail of tar. Time will tell.

And did you know that seven month-olds can throw tantrums?  Neither did I, until this week.  Jolie has mastered the angry back arch, the furious bellow, and the manic flailing in one fell swoop. Avelyn, for all her fire, was not this feisty at Jolie’s age.  I fear for our collective futures.

When she’s not being a rabid beast, she and Avelyn have been sharing some sweet and tender moments. Love.

And some grumpy ones too.

Today I got together with a dear friend of mine. We went to Bible School together almost ten years ago (OLD!) and she was a bridesmaid in my wedding and even though we only live a 45 minute drive from each other we somehow let a year slip by since our last visit.  In that year we both had babies and it was so nice to finally meet her little man.

His name is Noah and he’s a cute little chubster.

The kids all had fun playing together.

Also, Jolie has some serious sideburns going on, not unlike her sister did at this age.  Some friends insist I should cut it.  To which I say, “Nevah!”  It’s like a mullet, only better.


(Avelyn at 7 months)


  • “slower than a slug on a trail of tar”.

    Please, you’re killing me!!!

    ~Mad(elyn) in Alabama

  • Beautiful pictures and even more beautiful children! If I were not in the middle of the most hellish stage of three year old behavior I have encountered yet, it would make me want another baby.
    Good luck with the tests– and way to be proactive!

  • I love the sideburns! I’m with you on keeping them!

  • Holy twins batman! Wow, do the girls ever look alike! And are they ever adorable (tantrums and all).

  • Feeling the tantrums, girl! Your girls do look so much alike. Wow! How is the night time ween going? Sleeping through the nights?

  • I didn’t really think they looked alike until seeing those pictures together! My oh my, do they!

    Also, my almost-three-month-old threw a tantrum the other day. I SWEAR! I fear for my future, as well.

  • Beautiful girls! Just beautiful.


    As a child of a baldy, I plead that you keep the ‘burns.

  • 1. I LOVE the sideburns! DO NOT CUT THEM!!!
    2. Babies named Noah are cute.
    3. In the photo of the three munchkins, your older daughter looks like she is taking on the personality of her mama.

  • I wouldn’t cut the sideburns.

    And those photos are just precious. :)

  • Another vote for the NOT CUTTING.

    My darling girl just cut a 4 inch swath across the front of her hairline, I may never allow another haircut again.

    The pictures are just beautiful.

    PS. Great job with the lighting, I never seem to get the natural light to pop like that.

  • Keep the sideburns! The little wisp of curl is so cute!

    Your girls are absolutely beautiful!

  • cute, cute, cute, cute, cute, cute!!! Cant get enough of those beautiful girls!!

  • Important info and thanks for posting. Adding your blog to my rss feeder. Joe

  • Incredible – they do look like twins @ 7 mos.

    Precious pictures.

  • I love it! They are so beautiful :)

  • I love that 1st pic of the girls. I miss them…feels like forever since I’ve seen you & them. Let’s have a playdate this week!

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