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Things I Learned Yesterday

When your almost three year-old wakes up and sputters, “I’m sick,” you should believe her.

Because 20 minutes after she’s been up, the barfing will begin.

When a kid can’t even keep water down for 24 hours, there’s something wrong.

Caring for a sick child is hard when there’s an energetic, demanding baby who still needs to be fed, played with and held.

The home entertainment system is the greatest invention known to mankind. I want to French kiss my DVD player.

When you get to the walk-in clinic and there are 11 people ahead of you, it’s going to be a bit of a wait.

But if your kid blows chunks all over the waiting room, a kind woman will give up her place in line to let your little girl go ahead.

It’s a good idea to bring a barf bucket to the waiting room.  I will know this for next time.

Tonsillitis will reduce this happy, mischievous handful:

to this sniveling, whimpering mess:

but the antibiotics have kicked in and she’s turned the corner. No more barfing (*raps knuckles on wood so hard they bleed*) and her appetite is back.

At least it’s not Swine Flu.

PS: The vintage tee Avelyn is wearing in the top photo actually belonged to Steve when he was a kid. He got it at Expo ’86 in Vancouver when he was a 4 year-old mite and his mom saved it in a musty old chest for all these years.  It fits Avelyn perfectly and she loves it.


  • So sorry she’s sick. But I love the t-shirt, so cool! I lived near Vancouver in ’86 and spent a lot of time at Expo. Awesome.

  • Hope she continues to feel better!

    (I totally recognized the shirt! I grew up in Portland – now I live in Seattle – and my family made the trek up to Vancouver for Expo 86. I remember it SO clearly because my parents did not want to get a hotel room, so we had to trek back down to Seattle – where my cousins lived – to say with them. I distinctly remember my parents using a pay phone from Vancouver to call them. Oh memories! My souvenir from Expo 86 was a hat!)

  • Hats off to you!!! I haven’t been there yet, but I’m sure I will be soon. I just pray *I* won’t be sick at the same time. Hope she feels better asap.

  • I absolutely love the vintage Expo 86 t-shirt. My brother had the exact same one! Wish he kept it.

    I hope your sweet, little girl feels better soon.

  • Poor Avelyn, though I’m glad for you all it’s tonsilitis and not the swine flu.
    That tshirt is awesome.

  • My parents left me with a babysitter for Expo ’86 and took the older siblings. That t-shirt is awesome! I think I need to break out my favorite sweater from when I was a kid. It had a huge smiley face on the front and was pretty much the best sweater ever.

    I’m glad the barfing is over. Poor little girl (and poor you).

  • I LOVE that Expo 86 shirt! I went with my parents when I was 12, I carried my little passport around and made darn sure I collected every country’s stamps.

    I hope Avelyn is feeling better soon!

  • Oh goodness, happy times. There is nothing worse than a pukey kid. The first time Lorelei got sick like that she must have vomited ten times. Each time, I dutifully cleaned her up, changed her sheets, changed her pyjamas and tucked her back in. Then I ran out of bedding and thought I should bring her into bed with us…LOL. Huge mistake. Needless to say, I was doing laundry at three oclock in the morning while my diaper clad child clung to me moaning and crying. I got sick the next day. I feel for you, and Avelyn too. Hope she gets better soon and that Bebe Jolie stays healthy through it all. Hugs

  • Trevor has one of those shirts too!!! Poor Avy, give her some cuddles from us. :)

  • Yuck, I am so sorry Avelyn is sick. Glad she is feeling better though. The vintage shirt is great! Maybe next time you go to the waiting room, even if she is pukey or NOT, a barf bucket might bump up your spot!

  • I thought maybe they were making those shirts again!

    Happy to hear Avelyn is feeling better; she’s just the cutest little girl! And thank goodness for kind people in walk-in clinic waiting areas…

  • Awww poor baby! Glad the drugs are working, hope the rest of you stay healthy! I love that shirt, I bet it makes Sylvia’s heart swell seeing it on another brownie.

  • poor little bug :( LOVE that aunt sylvia saved that t-shirt though! Totally vintage, man!

  • She totally looks like an ’80s kid!

    So glad she’s feeling better :)

  • ps. I want to French kiss Playhouse Disney. It’s my favorite babysitter.

  • Sweet sweet vintage!!
    Poor kiddo.

  • I was going to say something else, but the comment before mine made me laugh out loud.

    What on earth is a “raised toilet seat with arms”?

    I’m too skeered to click the link to find out ;)

  • Oh Amanda, I’m so sorry!! I hope she’s feeling better. Poor thing. By the way, the french kissing of the DVD player – HI-larious.

  • So glad you are all feeling better. We’ve got something floating around here and I am hoping it doesn’t turn into barf fest ’09, I don’t think I can deal with that right now.

    I LOVE the Expo shirt. I wasn’t lucky enough to have a shirt, but just a nice pin for the lapel of my rocking acid washed jean jacket (I was a wee bit older than four).

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