My Girl, My Girl 2.0


The sun is (kind of) shining, the wind has (almost) stopped whipping the blossoms off the apple trees, the girls are (essentially) better.

I was talking with Jen yesterday and we were bemoaning the fact that our kids always seem to be sick.  It’s been a long winter fraught with many an ear infection, tummy bug, bout of torturous teething, and the Grumpies (it’s an official disease, I’ve decided).

Here’s to a healthy spring (whenever she feels like making her debut…seriously, it’s MAY and I was wearing my winter coat this morning)!


  • It snowed here yesterday. Global warming can SUCK IT.

  • New favorite picture of Jolie. Adorable!

    I’m soooo glad they are feeling better.

  • i’m going to shave avelyn’s head and staple her hair to my head. that’s how much i love her hair.

  • Holy crap! In that photo Avelyn is all of a sudden no longer a toddler but an honest to goodness kid. Tell her to stop it already!

  • Gives new meaning to the phrase Spring Fever..

  • Adorable picture! I agree, these endless rainy days are really growing old. Thank goodness for my good friend Dora!

  • Also, I tagged you for an award on my blog! You are awe-summm! :)

  • I’m all for spring, bring it on. Here we have a freeze advisory tonight. Sigh… and the wind, please turn off the blower, the rain, hold off for another 3 weeks so the seeding gets done. Bring on the warmth and sunshine please.
    And, adorable photo, cherish those photo ops, too. Mine will no longer pose together.

  • It’s 100 here — I beg of you to enjoy coats, if for no other reason to rub my face in it. Siiigh.

  • Cool blog, like what I read. Will be back to read more. Adding to RSS feeder. Bob

  • Hope Spring shows up soon for you guys!

  • Awww, cute cheeks x 2!

  • Look at Jolie’s hair!! I have not touched my reader or blogged in weeks. My inbox is overflowing but after reading your tweets about poop I stopped by here first. Those girls are beautiful. I hope the poop runneth out around there.

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