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This afternoon we walked up the hill to Sonoran Winery, the beautiful estate that’s just up the hill from us.  Steve’e brother’s girlfriend, Laurell, was performing at an outdoor concert on the patio avec wine and appies.  Count me in!

Laurell is so gifted, and I really mean that. Check out her website and take a listen.

We were all enjoying the scenery and hints of sunshine while sipping our glasses of wine

when Laurell introduced a song called “I Want You”, explaining that it’s all about how relationships can be challenging at times but so worth the commitment.  She called Trevor (Steve’s brother, her boyfriend) up to accompany her on the drum and he bopped along to the beat while she belted out the song.

Laurell finished the song with the last words of melody ringing out, “I want you…” and before we knew it, Trev stepped to the mike and confessed, “And I want you,” and then got down on one knee and pulled out a ring. Not a dry eye in the house!

(She said yes.)

We are so thrilled for you both and so excited to welcome Laurell to the family!


  • So cool! So romantic!


  • Awwww that’s such a nice way.

  • I’m still weepy about it all.

    It was a perfect afternoon all around.

    (I’ve been listening to Laurell all evening.)

  • Sooooo sweet!

    Best wishes for the (adorable) couple!

  • I listened to Laurell sing on her website. She has a lovely voice.

    Which brought to mind your singing talent, and I do mean talent – do you still sing?

  • Ooohhhh, AWESOME!!!
    Question… did Andrew Allen perform with Laurell?

  • How romantic! Awww :)

  • Also I think I saw her perform years ago at Missions Fest maybe… and have a super old CD called Nectar if it is the same person and I think I had it out at Capernwray how cool is that! Once I listened to her voice I knew I had heard it before :) Crazy!

  • She is awesome … downloading her CD’s now!!! Congrats to Laurell as well!

  • That is so sweet! Congrats Trev and Laurell! I wish we could have been there but I didn’t really want to bring the kids and my parents had plans so I couldn’t ask them to babysit.

  • whoop whoop!!! ‘Bout freakin’ time, i say! Although, really…the timing was perfect :)

  • I really need to move within walking distance to a winery.

  • Awww!!

  • Awwww. I came here via Angella and this story is so beautiful. I love romantic proposals!

  • Totally romantic — at a winery and everything!


  • WOW!!!! That’s SO SWEET!!!

  • That is SO fantastic! Thanks for sharing pictures too!
    I am so happy for them. We get to see them today which is super exciting!

  • Awww… that is SO sweet. I love how he is sitting there on stage, looking at his soon-to-be fiance, knowing that he is about to give her the surprise of her life. So exciting!!

  • And now I’m fighting back tears when I should be staring at spreadsheets, god bless you.


  • So cute! And funny, because I have been listening to Laurell’s music for the past year I think, since a friend of mine introduced me to it. Such a small world! Best wishes to the beautiful couple!

  • Sounds like it was an all ’round romantic night!

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