Friends Are Swell, My Girl, My Girl 2.0


For the past couple days we had the pleasure of hosting Jen and her girls.  It was fun, crazy, exhausting and great.  There were four kids between us and at times the combination was a tad volatile, but everyone survived and had some fun in between the screaming and meltdowns.  Every night after the kids were (finally!) tucked in to bed, Jen and I would collapse on the couch and eat freezies and sigh in wonder about how such small people can suck the life out of us with such force.

The first night she arrived we had a huge BBQ at the beach with everyone.  I am still recovering from the whole “sweet mercy, there were FOUR KIDS running rampant under my roof” deal so you can just look at Angella’s sweet post about the whole shindig.  And here is my contribution: one picture (I love to go above and beyond).

Jolie wore her cherry print bathing suit and white sunhat and she’s pretty dang cute when she’s not crying about nothing for no good reason.

Avelyn loved playing with Jen’s older daughter, Kaylie, and she followed her around like a pesky shadow the whole time she was here.

Good times all around.


  • woo hoo! I bet you had a great time, and with so many kids…. at least you had several other pairs of hands. Yay for time with friends, sorry about the meltdowns.

  • I love that picture of Jolie. So sweet!

  • that cherry print bathing suit is adorable!

  • Good times, good times. It was wonderful seeing you and your sweet girls at the BBQ and the park.

    You’re right, though. Next time we should all do a girls night out :)

  • Loving the kissy pose (Obviously)

  • Jolie is so cute! And I love that Avelyn is totally just watching Kaylie!

  • Totally awesome. Glad you enjoyed the visit. I wish I could’ve been there, too… :)

  • Yay for good times!
    We’ll set something up with I’m back, K?

  • SO MUCH FUN!! I totally loved staying with you, but OH MY WORD FOUR LITTLE PEOPLE IN ONE HOUSE IS SO MANY!

    We have to do that again though. But get many energy drinks and more of those “freezers”.

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