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Wordful Wednesday

I found this really great recipe for homemade cheese.  It was surprisingly simple: take one half-empty bottle of milk, forget about it and let it fester in the hot sun for 48 hours and voila! Homemade feta.

Jolie has hit my favourite milestone.  Many mothers eagerly anticipate their children’s first words or first steps, but here’s what really yanks my chain:

She can hold her own bottle!  I can taste the freedom, can you?  Best milestone ever.

I am done trying to cut carbs. A life without bread is one I want no part of.

Looking for a nice, uplifting movie with some great acting?  Check out House of D.  I had never heard of it but some friends brought it over last night and it was a great flick.

Operation Stop Crapping Your Pants took a turn for the better when Avelyn finally pooped on the potty yesterday.  We are officially accident-free when indoors at home.  But as soon as she leaves the house, well, we’ve got some work to do.

Have you ever made these muffins?  Because two words: WOW. They are tangy and sweet and delicious, just like me.

I really didn’t want to like Taylor Swift (because she’s really skinny and way too pretty and I wish I were both of those things), but we’ve been listening to her new CD (I bought it for Steve for Valentine’s Day because he totally has a crush on her) in the car for a few weeks and Avelyn knows most of the songs off by heart, and if watching a two year-old sing “Love Story”, with her eyes closed and arms swaying, doesn’t melt your heart, I don’t know what will.

I took a pregnancy test last week.  It was negative and I was thrilled.

It’s really easy to write an incoherent blog post like this, and I don’t even feel bad when I can’t think of a good way to end it.


  • I think I’ve made a variation of that cheese recipe before although I opted to make it in a sippy cup in a hot car. Delish!

    Hey, I bought a lounge chair for the back yard! Next pay day I’ll get another one and we won’t have to sit on the kid-size picnic table any more. You’ll have to come over so we can lay out and work on our sweet tans or slather ourselves in SPF60 …whatever.

  • PS Camille got her hair cut in a little bob today. It’s so cute!

  • I really REALLY want those muffins but my husband has banned baked goods from our house. Which is fair enough, I mean it’s not exactly SUPPORTIVE of me to bake yummy treats while he’s on a diet. But still. WANT!

  • Yay for quitting Atkins! A carb-less life is no life for anyone.

    I’m glad I got to be on the phone with you while Avelyn announced her first potty poo!

    I like Taylor Swift too. She’s cute, seems somewhat humble and I love that Love Story song.

  • i had a miscalculation of myself last week. i’m thrilled that neither of us are pregnant!!

  • @Jen It wasn’t Atkins, it was South Beach. For three days. Then I died.

  • OH, my little one likes Love story too! She asks for it all the time, and it’s so cute to watch her dance to it when it comes on the TV.

  • I couldn’t help but notice the pinky extension!!!

  • I think the rambly posts are my favourite type. And also – I was going to comment on the day you said “less carbs”… and say what the heck are you doing, how can you be so strong… and then I thought that might be discouraging. Yay for bread!

  • I love random. I think all of mine are. :)

    Interesting about the feta cheese. I’m scared to do it. lol.

    And I LOVED when Bayley held her own bottle! But she would hold it at daycare and pretend at home she couldn’t. One day I walked into daycare and she was holding her own bottle. She knew she was busted because from that moment on, she held it at home too.

  • You are hilarious and it’s posts like these that make me love you because you make me feel normal. Sort of. And I get to laugh too. Operation Stop Crapping Your Pants. And the bottle milestone… that is one I have been waiting for, my friend!

  • Just develop a wheat intolerance and suddenly life without bread looks a bit more enticing. Although I have to say, it really pares down your options when everything involves a rice cake and suddenly, mealtime in general has no appeal. I’ve been hungry for the past two hours but can’t think of anything edible that doesn’t involve wheat…boohoo. I feel like chewing on the corners of the afghan I’m sitting on.

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