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Back To the Future

Thank you so much for your outpourings of support and prayers and “I’ve been there, my kid was a total beast when he was two too”s. I hesitate to mention it, but Avelyn has been mildy happier this week and I am not pulling my hair out in chunks anymore. Kids, they take you for quite the ride, don’t they?

My current pc is dying, sputtering its final breaths and I am on the market for a new computer. It’s no secret that I am dreaming of a Mac laptop, but Steve will have none of it.  He’s convinced you’re paying for nothing more than the brand name, since you can get get an identical computer (as far as RAM and processing speed goes) for one third the price.  I am convinced that he’s a party pooper.  He needs firm, solid evidence that a Mac is worth the money.  Anyone care to give it? I need all the help I can get here.  Also, I take donations.

Last night we had some friends over for dinner and they brought their two children.  When I look at their eldest daughter, I see Avelyn’s future.  In talking with her mom, Sarah was exactly the same temperment as our girl: she had a lot of frustration, pent-up agression, tantrums and grumpiness.

But as she got older, she blossomed into a sweet girl who is kind and smart and sweet. The old adage “it gets better” might not be the urban legend I thought it was.

Perhaps, someday, it will get better.  Until then, I’ll take the good with the bad and try my best not to go bat-crap crazy.


  • Well!! I loooooooove my mac. I will NEVER go back to a PC.
    First off, in regards to price – you COULD get a PC with the same credentials when it comes to ram, processing, all that computer jargon that I don’t understand for 1/2 the price. But the problem is, that in the same lifetime of the Mac, you’ll go through 2-3 of those crappy PC’s. Between freeze ups, viruses, memory problems from all the extra CRAP they put on there when you take it home from the store. I’ve had my Mac for about a year and a half, and I have literally not had 1 problem with it. The biggest thing I love is the iPhoto and iMovie software. iPhoto makes organizing photos and finding the ones you want later on so easy, it’s worth the money just for that program. Photos is one of the main things I use my computer for, so it’s really really important to me. It also has great editing as well, very very good at removing blemishes, red eye, etc. iMovie is the easiest average joe video editing software I have ever come across. It is all drag and drop, super easy to add video, edit clips, adjust timing, and it has lots of neat artistic features like to make the video look like an old film real, or look like a soap opera, etc etc. Buy a Mac! You will not be unsatisfied! And you will never go back!!! :)

  • Haha, I love that Avelyn’s dress is saturated with some sort of mysterious liquid.

    As for the Mac argument, here is some ammunition:

    The article starts off a bit dreary; just make sure that you check out the second page. The author breaks down a lot of technical justifications for Apple’s higher price points. Wulll… see ya later.

  • Macs don’t get viruses because of some anti-viral superpower (perhaps it’s Purell for computers?)

  • That last picture is PRICELESS. I know it’s no fun now, but you have to laugh, right? If only to keep your sanity.

    Anyway, the Mac — the husband and I splurged last Christmas and bought one for ourselves. We LOVE it. I was like your husband, but have to admit, it’s better. It’s more intuitive and you’re not constantly buying/installing software for simple tasks like photo editing. Also — NO SPYWARE. The antivirus programs made our old laptop run so very slowly, and we just don’t have that problem anymore.

    You can save yourselves some cash on Macs by buying a refurbished one through Apple. The company still guarantees them.

  • My husband bought two Macs – first a laptop, then a desktop – and I was highly opposed to the whole thing and thought it was a waste of money, but acquiesced because it made him happy. And….I love the Mac and I’m so glad he bought it. It doesn’t crash, you don’t have hardware problems with it, it’s reliable and pretty and it just friggin works. We have a bunch of laptops (PC and Linux) and the Mac is easily both of our favorites.

    My daughter is a month short of two and the whining and crying is driving us nuts. We’re ignoring it, as directed, but I vastly preferred the earlier, always happy iteration.

  • My Mac is the most enviro-friendly machine on the market (and it’s cute when it “snores”).

  • Great pictures and I’m glad things are better this week. Just repeat “It’s a phase and this too will pass.”

    I will add another ringing endorsement for Mac! Totally worth the extra money so you don’t have to deal with all the viruses, spam, and freezing of a PC.

    Plus, their commercials are so much cooler.

  • Even I am seeing a new side of Mac computers – snores? I have a husband who does that.

    Seriously, sounds like a good computer – love the not freezing up part and no virus problems. Why can’t Microsoft do that?

    I know you will sort it all out- choice of computer and the temper tantrums of your dear daughter.

    Love to all.

  • We got fed up 2 years ago of dealing with viruses and shut downs and whatever else was always wrong with our PCs. We bought a Mac. Have NEVER had a single issue with it.

    It pains me to use my PC at work. It’s not hype. It’s awesome.

  • I will give you my personal reasons to love a Mac, but I also asked my geeky-techy husband to come by and leave his own comment here. The lifetime cost of a Mac is way cheaper then a PC. We’ve had our Mac for about 4 years now without a single crash or virus. It runs so flippin’ fast, too. Before that we had a MacBook which we put to hard use (did I mention that the hub is a graphic designer?) for about 5 years and then sold for about 1/2 the purchase price. The great thing about Macs is that you can get a used one and save some cash but still have all the benifits of a new shiny Mac. When we do buy directly from Apple, we get ALWAYS shop their refurbished stuff first.

  • Well, if you are thinking about getting into design someday, the hands down preferred machine in the industry is a MAC. I have had my same mac since college, almost 9 years ago. I purchased the top of the line model back then. It has never crashed, I have never lost any files, never had to run virus protection. It has given me no problems. They are easy to upgrade as well. You could even get the new 13 inch macbook pro for a little over $1000.

    It is definitely worth every penny.

  • Macs CAN get viruses, but it is very rare. Most viruses are targeted and created for PC platforms, simply because WAY more people use PCs than Macs. The people creating the virus know they will hit more targets by creating PC viruses. Also, Macs use a more secure operating system than PCs are built on. :D

  • Wow, where to start? I will never own a PC again, Mac is that much better. Though they take a little getting used to at the start, they are completely user friendly, and have some nice features that now that I use, I can’t imagine not having (like being able to view all your open windows at once, simply by dragging your mouse into a corner – none of this minimizing maximizing windows waste of time). We also find we have no problems with viruses or spam, which gives you the impression that your computer, despite technology’s constant progression, is still current, functional and healthy, instead of slowly dying over a couple years. STEVE, it’s an INVESTMENT, and you won’t regret the quality you pay for with a MAC because it will last you (Did I mention you have bought more computers since I’ve known you than anyone else I know?)

  • Delurking to put my two cents in on the Mac. I am not sure if this is available in Canada, but you can purchase certified refurbished Mac’s through I have purchased three of these over the last 5 years and have never had a problem, we still use the original laptop I purchased 5 years ago daily without any problems, except needing to increase memory, they even come with the same warranty as new.
    We used to have a PC that had to be replaced after two years of use. I am a Mac convert and will never go back.

  • Interesting comment page… I was just going to write a ‘it does get better, hang in there, willful = intelligent’ but now I am stymied by the Mac vs PC debate.
    I have been a Mac for a long long time and recently totally fed up (pissed) by the fact that I bought top of the line mac 4 years ago and now it is so outdated I can’t use half the stuff on internet or my new beloved camcorder. The operating system is outdated and I’d have to buy more ram, memory etc etc meaning that I’d have to put at least as much as a brand new pc into my mac to get it ‘just’ up to speed which would probably be overtaken again in less than a year…(question to person who has the same mac since college?) I’m saying I’m on the fence, I admit design is important to me but there needs to be more than just a good feel, if mac were truly practical, they would be just as subject to viruses. Ah, decisions decisions… anywho-
    HANG IN THERE AMANDA! If you want a mac you absolutely unquestionably deserve it Sister

  • I’m glad this week has been better so far…the pictures of the girls are gorgeous! how did you manage matching dresses?
    As for the mac vs pc. We are completely sold on macs. Get Chris to talk with Steve and I mean for real…we live on a very tight budget and we have never regretted buying the mac. C has a macbook and i have an old imac and both are reliable….However, that being said, C usually asks people what they really want to do on their computer and if it’s just for email or web, he’ll say get a pc, if you are interested in design or movies, or recording, get a mac and refurbished is a great option..they do that here in Canada, too :) who knew I had so much to say about that…?!

  • Get a Mac! The refurbished deal sounds like a good way to go. But, yep, get a Mac and you won’t look back!!

  • He’s partially right. They are waaay overpriced. MOst of what you pay for is that little apple logo with the bite cut out of it. Maybe it has a bite out of it cuz it takes such a bite out of your wallet. That said they are a MUST have if you’re doing ANYTHING design wise. But don’t expect it to never give you trouble. We push our mac to the brink and it doesn’t like it sometimes. WE will never go back. Our PC still sits unused in the basement.
    I LOOOVE the last pic of Avelyn. It kinds scares me.

  • I absolutely love the pics of the girls together. Gorgeous, both of ’em.

  • It DOES get better. But sometimes I wish it could get better FASTER.

  • Oh don’t we know the joys of two. Is it really going to be any better when they are 13 with the ability to slam doors and say “Talk to the Hand”. Ahem, not that I did that or anything.

    Here’s hoping for rainbows and angels from hear on out!

  • no viruses, very few crashes, no question a mac is the way to go, though I don’t have my own, one day, one day

  • Love our mac laptops. Andy’s is like 5 or 6 years old, mine is 2 years old (the one I had before was 5 years old) and they both work PERFECT! NO PROBLEMS! If you do have a problem or even just a question about how to use it better, every apple store has a ‘Genius’ who is free to go see and can fix anything (I don’t know if you have an apple store near you yet) They have to go to school for years and at the end there is an exam and one told me if they don’t pass with 100% they fail and can never become a Mac Genius…..something crazy like that but they literally know everything and have always fixed it for free, even after my applecare warranty expired. Only things have been I cracked the case and they replaced it, I broke of a couple of keys (after 4 years) and they replaced the whole body and once they replaced a battery for me. I think they’re great!

  • Ditto to every positive Mac comment + I can run two Adobe programs (InDesign & PhotoShop) at once with no freezes = I will never own a PC again!

    Once you go Mac, you never go back!

  • I am all about the MacBook and so is my husband. He used a PC for 24 years before he purchased a MacBook for his work. He loves it and is converted! So much so that he bought me one a few months after his purchase.

  • You will never regret your Mac purchase! I resisted at first, which i realize now was just plain crazy!

    I agree–once you go Mac, you’ll never go back!

    (ditto to all of the above reasons!)

  • i have a mac and i will never go back!!!!

  • I went Mac 4 years ago and will never go back. The main reason being that I am pretty technologically illiterate and I don’t have to be. It is so user friendly and it doesn’t need to be ‘fixed’ every few months. Matthew has a PC because he’s a computer geek and loves to tinker, but he is constantly fixing other people’s computers and he always tells them: Would you hurry up and buy a Mac already!

  • I won’t weigh in on the Mac vs. PC debate but as far as children who you think will make you lose your mind–that’s my youngest who is now just five. He still has his moments but when is sweet is oh so very very sweet and he is so worth every moment of brain-creaking frustration he’s caused me (and will cause me, I expect . . )
    At Avelyn’s age it took him close to three months of screamingly frustrating daily tantrums, and wet-noodle dangling on the end of my arm non-cooperation to persuade him to just please walk beside me and hold my hand. I feel for ya, sister!

  • Never had a Mac, so I can’t help you there. Sorry. :(

    As for your daughter, I see mine following your daughter’s footsteps. Bayley is “spirited” …she’s VERY happy until you make her mad or upset. Then all hell breaks loose. So I hope she turns into a sweet girl too. :)

    I LOVE the dress in the photo!

  • Sorry to sound sooo wacky, but have you ever considered she might have a medical condition (re- pooping three times a day in undies). You mentioned before that you have anemia (unexplained, I think you said). Read up on celiac disease. It is hereditary and can manifest itself in all kinds of ways.

  • Pretty soon (after all this end of the year keep the parents running volunteer a thon it’s the end of the school year), we can talk about this stuff in person!

  • Oh Amanda, I love that last picture. It really does get better (after ALOT of work)! And, I love those pictures of the girls. Sarah was so excited to wear the same dress as Avelyn. We can hang out any time and share stories. Here’s to hanging out at the beach in the summer!

    I’ll get you a Popular Mechanics article that compares mac vs PC (unbiasedly -is that a word?) and mac wins!! Travis has finally relented, and I think I’m going to go with the desktop b/c it’s a little cheaper, and the screen is so nice and big and pretty. I’ll miss the portability of the laptop, but they really are so expensive.

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