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My Girls


This morning Avelyn slept in and I got to play with Jolie all by herself for about an hour. It was so nice and made me realize how little I get to enjoy just her, without the frenzy of her older sister running laps around us. 

So here’s to Jolie, my funny little blue-eyed girl.  She eats everything she can get her hands on, she loves it when Avelyn rides her like a donkey, she is crawling everywhere and eating random pieces of lint off my grungy carpet, she is loud, she wrinkles her nose when she laughs, she’s still only got two teeth, she has three doughy arm rolls left, she locks herself in the bathroom then cries for rescue, and her favourite foods are ham and berries. 

Not to be forgotten is Avelyn. For all my griping, she is turning into a lovely little girl who is figuring out how best to deal with her complicated emotions in a complicated world. She calls me Momma, she loves playing with her sister, she only likes to wear skirts and dresses, her favourite flavour of ice cream is chocolate, she loves belting it out along with Taylor Swift while we drive in the truck, she is tall and lean, she creeps away by herself and finds a quiet corner of solace before she poops in her princess underwear, she thinks vegetables are unnecessary, she loves bouncing on her “jumpoline”, she hasn’t napped in years, she loves books, and her curls get tighter everyday.

I am so blessed. Tired, impatient, and grumpy at times, but graciously blessed through it all.


  • Great post my friend. You are blessed, indeed.

  • They are beautiful! We are so excited to see them in a week!!!

  • Sigh, totally fabulous post. Fabulous Momma and fabulous girls, to boot!

  • feeling blessed, tired, impatient, and grumpy is the PERFECT description of motherhood!!! like you should create a line of Hallmark cards!

    i loved this post.

  • awwwww :)

  • They are GORGEOUS. Is she skinny dipping?????

  • Oy. They are stunning.

  • Jolie looks like a ham and berries kind of girl. So cute. Your girls are beautiful and you’re doing a great job.

  • SWEET pics!!!! See you SOON!!!!!

  • Yes you are, my friend. Yes you are ;) Great post.

  • They are darling girls :)

  • Amanda dear, can I be so bold as to say first of all your girls are gorgeous. But second …. Before you know it they will be grown and have babies of their own. It seems like only yesterday that Jordan was little but today he is a daddy and husband. So my advice to you is don’t worry about the poop. This too shall pass. It won’t be long before you will be looking after your grand babies. God bless girl. Your babies are beautiful!

  • Those are beautiful pictures.

  • two beautiful girls.. I can relate.

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