Family Matters

The Roaring Wedding

Yesterday Kaile (Steve’s sister) and Kevin got married. It was a 1920s themed wedding and it was so much fun! The guests were dressed to the nines and it felt as though we had all stepped back in time to a much classier era.

Steve and I were the MCs, Avelyn was the flower girl, Dustin and Christy of Emblem Photography snapped photos all night long, Kaile was a vision in her tiered gown, her groom wept with joy as she walked down the aisle, we danced the night away. 

Congratulations to the beautiful bride and her dapper groom. We were so honoured to have been a part of your day, and we wish you a lifetime of happiness together.


  • Oh my. You two look AMAZING!!! Looks like a pretty stellar day :)

  • You all looked amazing! I can’t wait to see Christy’s pictures.

  • So totally awesome. Can’t wait to see photos!! I’m hoping to sneak a peek when D&C stay here, in a few days ;)
    You look fantabulous!!

  • Gorgeous! What a great idea for a wedding. I had forgotten that that was part of it.

  • My goodness – look how stunning you are! I think you two should frame that photo as it is adorable and your glow from your smile could power a small city.

    Now I wish I had a theme wedding.

  • You look AMAZING. As did everyone else.

    I’m home! I miss you! Beach date?

  • What a novel idea. You two looked great!

  • That is total coolness!

  • Hi Steve & Amanda,
    We are Sue’s sister and brother-in-law. She had been telling me all about the wedding. You all look so glam! Also, I saw your daughters. What beauties they are. You all make a wonderful family…Regards…Fred&Mary

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