Friends Are Swell, My Girl

Orchard Girls

Christy and Dustin and their gaggle of children have been visiting us here in Summerland and we couldn’t be having more fun. The kids have been playing shockingly well together and we’ve been hitting the beach, the park, the coffee shop, the orchard. Yesterday afternoon we took them out to pick a few cherries and leave it to Christy to make a simple stroll through the trees look like magic:

When we got back to the top of our land the kids jumped on our trampoline for a while and Christy let me try out her Nikon D300 and its matching 13 lb zoom lens and here’s what I came up with:

Here’s to summer, good friends, and reasonably well-behaved children!


  • I should leave you my pics all the time and then YOU can blog for me! The ones you took are totally better than mine. You’re HIRED!

  • love these pictures!!!!!

  • Not to mention cuuuuute dresses and red cherry juice. Sweet!

  • I hope you guys are having a wonderful time! I can’t wait for our turn. :)

  • Amazing what you can do with a good lens, hey?

  • such cute kids!

    and Rolo looks like a fox in that picture!

  • Amazing photos!

  • Looks like fun! I’d love a better lens for my camera. Maybe one day when I actually take the time to learn how to use it properly I can think about getting some sweet accessories.

  • Love it – Great friends and great photos!

  • Just my opinion …

    Saying that great photos are due to the lens used is an insult to the photographer! That is like going to someone’s house for dinner, and saying “that was a fantastic casserole, you must have a great pot!!”

    It doesn’t matter what lens a person has, they have to have the talent, and eye to use it properly. The photos are amazing because the photographer is amazing!!

    Keep up the beautiful photos, I would hire you if I could!

    Jolene (a reader from Sask.)

  • Looks awesome. Love it!!

  • Those are some fabulous pictures!

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