Friends Are Swell

Sweet and Sour

Jen and her girls have been here all week and it’s been a whirlwind of fun. There have been ice cream cones, beach days, fun at the park, lots of treats, trampoline jumping, cherry picking, and plenty of laughs.


But, as kids are known to do, they balance out the good with the bad so we’ve also seen our share of whining, meltdowns, strep throat, barfing on carpet, refusals to share, kicks to the shins and did I mention the barf on the CARPET?!

All in all it’s been fun, but both Jen and I agree that the next time we get together it will be without the children. And preferably in Tahiti.


  • I wish you two realized just how stunning you each are.

  • Hey beauties!!

    I hope the rest of your time together is way more SWEET than sour.

  • Hahaha, yes, having children changes things doesn’t it? Think back to the days when you Rosewood Youth group kids did nothing but… well, whatever you want. Well, maybe whatever pouty Nathan wanted. Ahem.

  • Awesome. Yes, Tahiti sounds good. I hope you get there.

  • You ladies both look so beautiful…and so does Summerland. I wish Victoria was half that nice right now. :)

  • Have a wonderful rest of your birthday! Celebrations with girlfriends on your birthday is always swell!

  • Oooh, can I go to Tahiti with you?? And leave my sickly, whiny husband at home with my feisty toddler? :)

    You and Jen look amazing!

  • Your hair is so! long, and lovely. (Also: yay! for great friends. And ice-cream.)

  • Great pictures! Tahiti would be great! You should do it :-)

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