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Forgotten Summer

Steve has a camera that he uses almost exclusively for his job, but every now and again it will be put to work snapping random moments in our lives. I rarely look at the images and usually forget about them, but took a couple minutes to download them this morning and here’s what I found:

A pizza party at the beach with Nana. I love how Karenna is right in there, ramming her face full of carby goodness.

Me and Avelyn. Notice her puffy, post-cry eyes. They’ve looked like this for 80% of the summer. Something tragic is always happening for her: her pajamas don’t match, someone opens the coffee shop door before she gets to it, she stubs her toe on a blade of grass. My patience level is at a negative 12.

Aw, what a cute photo of Abby and Avelyn. This was on day two of their visit, when they still liked each other.

This photo was also taken when Jen and her girls were here. I believe this was Avelyn’s morning pep talk for the kids and she was overheard saying, “Alright, ladies! Big plans today! We are going to destroy our mothers’ wills to live. Prepare your strategies accordingly. And….GO!” They were startlingly effective and neither Jen nor I have fully recovered from our “vacation”.

Oh, and thank you all for your kind comments and supportive feedback on my last post. You guys are great and even though I (honestly!) wasn’t fishing for compliments, you took my (truly imaginary, I swear!) bait and made me feel so good. Much appreciated.

Bon weekend, tout le monde!


  • I love finding photos that I’ve forgotten about or never knew about. Totally awesome.

  • Actually, I think Avelyn might be paraphrasing Churchill’s famous speech: We shall fight them at the dinner table; we shall fight them at the potty; we shall fight them at the carseat; we shall fight them at bedtime; we shall never, never, never surrender.

  • Love the pictures. The picture of you and Avelyn after her cry is too sweet. I’m a middle school teacher and although I’m sure the crying is annoying…just remember she will one day be a teeanger and will be slamming doors instead of clinging to you when she has a disappointment.

  • Is she three? Because three is a series of horrific screaming events, to end quite fabulously at the age of four.

  • Your comment about “something tragic is always happening for her” is an EXACT DESCRIPTION of my middle child! WOW! Right down to the things that make her whole world unravel! And I’m at about minus 11 in patience, so you have my complete sympathy! The amazing thing about that particular picture is that you are still smiling and look completely gorgeous! Good for you!

  • You look SO gorgeous in the post-cry pic!!! I’m sure you are a lot more patient than you give yourself credit for being… :)

  • Awesome photos! And you look GREAT!!!

  • Those photos are great…

    and I just read your last post. I hope you keep writing. You kept me going when I was in Langley and pregnant at the same time as you. I feel as though I know you so well, because you are a beautiful writer with something real to say. I kow that you are not asking for compliments, you certainly don’t need to. I LOVE reading what you have to say, and even though we will (yay!) get to see each other in person and have playdates in person, I would miss checking up on another mom going through the tragic 3’s with me.

  • I adore that picture of you and Avelyn. I need to make a point of taking more pictures of me and the kids, regardless of how we look, wait that sounds like I am saying you don’t look good, you do!!

    Enjoy the rest of your summer, can’t believe it is almost over!

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