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Company’s Coming

My friend Kristin (who I have known since the fourth grade when she had a brushed-out perm and I was a chubster) is here visiting this week with her husband, Martin, and the times, they have been good. We’ve been canning peaches (my first solo run and can you believe the lids all sealed? Hooray for dodging the Botulism Bullet!) and playing at the park with the kids and eating ice cream (with Peanut Butter m&ms on top) and lazing at the beach. We hadn’t seen each other in over a year so this has been her first time meeting Karenna.

They have been doing some serious bonding and are both smitten with one another.

Seeing your friends love your kids is pretty great.

Avelyn is running a fever again and woke up barfing in the night (getting sick while company is here is quickly becoming one of her favourite past times). So let’s remember her in better moments, shall we?

Nothing like an ice cream feast with Daddy.

I hope your final days of summer have been as sweet as ours.


  • Oh wow, sorry she’s sick whenever anyone else steps foot in your house! But, she wasn’t sick when we were there. Maybe we’re magic. Or maybe all four girls were just too busy being SO FREAKIN’ NOISY.

  • Aw, that first picture is beautiful. And I can see that someone really likes ice cream.

  • Looks awesome.

  • Obviously this photo of Steve & Avelyn was taken before he “did his teeth”!

    I’m glad your visit with K&M is going well. :)

  • Oh you are so right! Seeing your friends love your kids is so special. I love seeing what kind of mother my friends become and I also love seeing friends love on my boy. I hope Avelyn is feeling tip top very soon. How does it feel using your new baby name?! Any Jolie withdrawl?

  • Awww, so beautiful! Your children are darlings!

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