• That’s such a good video Amanda! I especially dig the throwback with The Cranberries.

    p.s. I think that Avelyn looks a bit like you in that picture where her hair is straightened… well, at least your hair looks the same haha.

  • happy birthday sweet karenna! I have to agree there is that one picture of both girls and avelyn looks a lot like you. congratulations to you, you survived one year with two babies!

  • what a great ode to the birthday girl!! What did you use to make the video. Quite lovely.

    Congrats mommy!

  • AWESOME video! I see your skills have improved since the time I taught you to use Window Movie Maker. ha!

    She’s a beautiful little girl and that was such a nice little triubte to her first year.

  • Awwwwh. Happy! Day of Cake to your littlest one.

  • 1. That video is AMAZING.

    2. Thank you for making me both cry and laugh.

    3. That photo near the very end with Avelyn yelling in the background? SHE LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE YOU.


  • Oh Amanda!!! I teared up, I smiled, I laughed. What an amazing tribute to your gorgeous girl(s)! It’s been awhile since I’ve been on your blog but watching that little peek into your lives just makes me realize all over how much I enjoy your blog and your family(although we’ve never ever met!) I would love love love if you could email me and tell me how in the world you put that amazing video together. I can’t believe it’s been a year already, Happy Birthday (belated) baby Jolie (Karenna?, I’m obviously out of the loop…lol). Fantastic.

  • Seriously???? Karenna is ONE already? ONE? I really thought it was perhaps 6 months ago that she joined your family (and this blog).

    Happy Birthday sweet girl!

  • Great video! Karenna with the Dyson is hilarious :)

  • Very nice job on the video! I have never attempted to make anything like that but I think it’s awesome! Maybe you can give me a little lesson if I bribe you with a Kelly kicker?

    This also reminds me that I have four years worth of photos that need to be printed. Yikes!

  • Love it. Brought tears to my eyes and Avelyn sat mesmerized the entire time watching and listening. :)

  • Aw, what a great video.

  • Happy Birthday sweet darlin!! I’m all choked up over here. The wind machine video was so cute. All my love to my precious ones–I am so blessed.

  • So delicious. I love her little thighs ;) Happy Birthday Karenna!!

  • Awwwww… Happy Birthday Karenna! I love the Cranberries too :) It was so great to see you and the gals at the wedding! Thanks so much for coming. We got to really chat and catch up one of these day soon!

  • LOVED this.

  • Happy Birthday Karenna! And happy 1 year Momma, you did it! (thank you for the reassurance it can be survived – it can be done!)

    That video made me teary, we haven’t even met that little munchkin yet. It’s now even higher on the “to do list”

  • that video was lovely! Congrats on your beautiful family Amanda

  • Happy Birthday, Pretty Girl!

    That video is A-MAZING, and tomorrow, I am putting my Cranberrries cds into my car.

  • Happy Birthday sweet future niece! And excellent editing, Amanda! That Dyson footage had me in stitches!


  • a year already?! seems like just yesterday that you had her. congrats on your 1 year old adorable girlie!

  • Awesome video!! Wow…can’t believe she’s already 1!
    The Dyson video was hilarious! She’s such a ham, that girl! love her.
    Happy Birthday Renny!!

  • That was beautiful. Happy Birthday Karenna!

  • That was fantastic… and the mom video made me laugh and cry and laugh!! Congratulations, my friend!! What a wonderful year. Challenging yes. Wonderful, still. I’m proud of you girl!!

  • *sigh* – I’m going into withdrawal…I just want her to clamp onto my fingers, hoist herself up, and walk me lap after lap around your house while we make smacky-lip sounds. Give her a big hug for me. And one for Avelyn too please. And three hugs for you because you’re my favourite.

  • Congratulations! Happy Birthday! I loved the video and all her pictures which show her quirky little personality! She’s beautiful.

  • Sweet video, Amanda! I’m glad I finally got to see it. I still can’t believe that she’s one!

  • Great video – you are so talented!

  • She’s grown and changed so much. Wish I could be there….
    Love you ALL!

  • What an incredible video-gift Karenna has to look back on one day; you did an amazing job. I laughed & cried. They are both so precious. Well done on the video & mommyhood!

  • Amanda, I wanted to tell you that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your blog! I get so excited when there is a new post. You should write a book! Your honesty is touching and makes me feel like I can relate to you. I can put myself in your shoes with each blog you write because of your excellent writing style. Your family is beautiful, your pictures are beautiful, and reading your blog always brings a smile to my face. (I often call my husband over and read him your posts, or show him your pics – he digs them too).

    Jolene (Regina, Sk)

  • Wonderful! So well done, Amanda – your talents are ever growing.

    The girls are beautiful.

    You and Steve are fabulous parents.

    I look forward to seeing these little ones ( and you) in person – soon.

  • precious!

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