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Hair Friday

Sometimes hair gets hungry

and it tries to eat your face.

Then you cut it off 

and watch the tendrils fall to the floor.

The end.

Angella - Wicked.


Candace - Adorable! Lovely, lovely.

Karla - Holy HOTNESS!

Kerri Anne - Sex-AY! It looks awesome!

hillary - you look stunning!

MyKidsMom - Wow that’s quite the change!! It looks awesome!

Lisa - WOAH!!! You are rockin the new look! I love it.

Lauri - I love it… I have been thinking about doing something similar after trying to grow my hair out

How do you like it?

Teresa - Wow, love the new look!

joyce - love it!

Chris - Absolutely stunning!

Mrs. Wilson - At first I was scared when I saw the twitter status. BUT, it looks AMAZING!

MILF all the way.

Cindy - Oh my! I love your haircut!!

Kaydee - You look HOT! I love the short look!

mischasone - That is just gorgeous!

Super Sarah - I love it! But you stole my haircut! I posted a poll on my blog on Tuesday asking for hair advice, now I can take this photo in and show my hairdresser your hair!

angie - Very cute!

Sarah - L-O-V-E it!

Heidi F - Smokin! Amanda you look fantastic!

laurie - That’s a fantastic cut! (and you totally look like Barbara Streisand in the first pic.)

brier - hot.

kiki - wow!! That cut looks great on you!! It almost has a 1950’s flair???

Audrey - Love the haircut. What a drastic before and after shot.

Sonia - Awesome!!

Jolene - WOW! I love the new cut!!! Looks smokin’ girl!!

Niki F - Cute, cute, cute! Glad you took the plunge! Hope you love it!

Just Jiff - WOW! Nice!!

I am going to get my hair cut Thursday so I’m nervous. But this made me feel better!

She Likes Purple - Oh, you hot thing, you! You look incredible!

kate - Wow! It looks awesome!

Laurell - What’s up MRS. EDGY!!! The ‘do’ rocks!

Frieda - Looks great!