A Real Shot: THIRD PLACE!!!

SUPER BIG UPDATE: We are in Third Place!! Thank you so much for your diligent voting!! If we can get another 50 votes we’ll be in the Top Two, so keep those votes coming every day! Tell your friends! Tell your enemies! Tell the WORLD!!

You guys! I am in 8th place on that Home Depot contest! Thanks for all your votes…but the contest runs all month long so I need you to keep voting! We have a real shot at this and it’s all because of your willingness to help out. Thanks for the love…keep it coming!!! 

Here’s the link again.

PS: If (or rather, when) we win I promise to bake you all a loaf of bread that will have been hand-kneaded on my GRANITE countertop and baked in my stainless steel oven and it will still be warm when it reaches your door, so great is my love for you.

*Updated to add: We are now in 7th place, thanks to you!! Wahoooodle! Keep those votes coming. Think of the karma!!

*Updated to add AGAIN: We are officially in 6th place now! Your votes are moving us up and we couldn’t be happier!

*OK, Seriously Updated To Add: We are in FOURTH place! You guys are the best!! Thank you so much for your votes. If we can get another 20 votes we’ll secure the top three…so keep voting. The contest runs until November 1st…


  • Manda, It only lets me vote once.

  • I voted! Good Luck!

  • I wish I could vote!

  • You can vote once every day people!!! We can do this!

  • I’d do it, except that I’m a crappy selfish American and they don’t want my vote.

    Good luck on the contest though. I’ve been reading you for about 2 months or so, but haven’t commented til now.

  • Whoo Hoo! That’s incentive for me right there, to get that nice loaf of homemade bread!
    Good luck….keep it coming!

  • I voted…off to vote again! Hope you win!

  • Too bad your faithful followers in the US can’t vote too. Sure wish I could help you move up.

  • Man, that’s discrimination … I wish US citizens could vote. Best of luck, I hope you guys win!

  • I don’t understand why U.S. people can’t vote – I’m in California and my vote went through fine. It didn’t ask me for my location. good luck!

  • Vote submitted. :) Will keep voting and totally continue to drool about fresh bread.

  • I hope you win!!!!

  • I “shared” you on my facebook – that’ll get you some extras!! http://www.facebook.com/madelynm

    GO FOR IT!!!

    ~Madelyn) in Alabama

  • I am also from the US and my vote went thru fine – all it asked for was an email – ! good luck! i’ll keep stopping by and voting!!

  • Voting for you everyday! You deserve it! :)

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